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Dan Deboer – An Architect With a Purpose

After graduating high school in 1974, Dan deboer began working for Wilson Foods in Albert Lea. After two years there, he started Pro Trucking which would later become his own trucking company.

Alongside running his trucking business, he is actively involved with multiple local non-profit organizations – AZ-One and Jamaica Accompong Connection of Minnesota to name two – including leading numerous mission trips with his family to Jamaica.

Early Life and Education

Daniel De Boer was raised on a family farm near Hollandale and attended Hollandale Christian School before graduating from Albert Lea Senior High School. Following this he attended University of Sioux Falls to play both football and baseball before coaching both teams for five seasons at Sioux Falls; compiling an impressive 67-3 record on football before moving on to Fresno State where he helped form 25 first-team All-Americans as coach of baseball team.

de Boer dedicated his efforts after learning of his son’s diagnosis with cystic fibrosis to discovering a treatment. This drive inspired him to found ProQR Therapeutics – an organization focused on developing drugs for severe, rare diseases with no current treatments available.

Professional Career

DeBoer stands out among his profession as an outstanding leader. His passion for architecture is equaled by his desire to champion design communities – leading him to assume an early leadership role at AIA Omaha chapter and help launch key programs there.

His work has profoundly touched lives both locally and globally. He currently sits on the board of an Accompong-based non-profit known as AZ-One which acts as an umbrella organization for several community initiatives in Accompong such as JACOM, Shinefest, and Rock the Block – all designed to build upon each other and improve life for residents there.

ProQR Therapeutics was founded by Daniel after his newborn son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis – an incurable disease – as part of Daniel’s quest for treating it. ProQR’s products target diseases for which there are currently no treatment solutions.

Achievement and Honors

DeBoer quickly distinguished himself early in his career by combining passion for design with advocacy efforts, becoming one of the industry’s premier leaders and authoring several books while garnering numerous accolades such as AIA Young Architects Award.

ProQR Therapeutics was also founded and founded by him, with an active clinical program focused on Leber congenital amaurosis and epidermolysis bullosa.

He leaves behind his wife Ann, nee Brouwer; two daughters; and one granddaughter, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Daniel de Boer decided to devote his life to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis after learning of his newborn son’s diagnosis, leading him to establish ProQR Therapeutics as a public company with offices in Leiden and Cambridge that develops medicines for several severe and rare conditions that lack treatment options.

Outside his work, he is an active member of Bethel Christian Reformed Church and Hollandale Christian School; serving on their boards for three years each time; also active with local non-profits such as AZ-One.

Jace and Bryce reside with him. His family enjoys boating, grilling and playing board games together as well as participating in mission trips to Jamaica.

Net Worth

De Boer is an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, including home renovation and flipping operations. Additionally, he was among the co-founders of Amylon Therapeutics which develops treatments for genetic brain diseases.

He co-hosts Down Home Fab alongside Chelsea Deboer, which chronicles their home renovation work. Additionally, he owns numerous real estate investments.

He’s part of Teen Mom and has an impressive following on social media that could add even more money to his income.

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