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Daniel Dewey ’93 – Awarded the Association of Congregations and Alumni Service Award at Tuesday’s Daily Sabbath Service

Daniel Dewey ’93 received the Association of Congregations and Alumni Service Award during Tuesday’s Daily Sabbath service. Dewey co-founded World Altering Medicine, an international non-profit dedicated to providing medical resources for underserved communities worldwide.

He is the proud father of Cullen and Aileen Quilty of Quincy as well as their husbands Daniel Baranovsky-Dewey and Conor Quilty from Quincy. Additionally, he is an honored grandpa to numerous nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

Dewey’s education at Tufts and the University of Chicago helped form what he termed pragmatic naturalism as his philosophy of choice. At Chicago he began lecturing extensively while also publishing extensively both within academic journals as well as popular periodicals like The New Republic.

He founded and directed a laboratory school, allowing him to put into action his ideas regarding educational methods. He believed that passively memorizing textbooks had become outdated; students should become active participants in learning; therefore he stressed projects over lectures as motivators rather than fear-inducing techniques.

His education introduced him to two influential minds who would shape his thinking: George Sylvester Morris exposed him to the organic view of nature characteristic of German idealism; and G. Stanley Hall showed him the value of experimental methodology within human science.

Professional Career

Dewey initially favoured Hegelian ideallism when working on epistemological matters; however, over time his research expanded to encompass many major branches of philosophy. At Columbia University especially, Dewey found a great benefit in connecting with philosophers from diverse viewpoints who helped foster his philosophical development.

Dewey was also active as a public figure and social commentator. He often addressed schools and community centers, wrote for both academic journals as well as popular publications such as the New Republic. Furthermore, he traveled widely advising foreign educators.

World Altering Medicine was dedicated to improving medical conditions in Africa. He still resides in Minnesota where he continues his career as a physician.

Achievement and Honors

Dewey’s legacy can be found across many disciplines, but education remained central to his life and work. For him, education represented an approach by which experiences are made available to others so as to give direction and meaning in their lives. Dewey also explored human knowledge as it related to philosophy rather than epistemology; instead viewing knowledge as something to experiment with rather than an authoritative source.

Dewey was an influential public intellectual who spoke out on issues of the day. He supported settlement houses to assimilate immigrants, opposed the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, and supported efforts that ultimately resulted in the Civil Rights Act. His discoveries from public inquiry were then integrated back into his academic theories for revision; his ideas continue to be debated, critiqued, and adopted within fields as diverse as art criticism, educational theory, information theory law literature psychology etc.

Personal Life

Graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, Dewey was an active member of the Massachusetts Parole Board where he held office for over 12 years as its longest-serving board member. Additionally, Dewey held membership at both Nickerson Marine Corps League Detachment in Quincy and Disabled American Veterans Council Braintree.

He was known for being very private, keeping his personal life and relationships personal. He was a loving husband and father who deeply loved his grandchildren.

On March 23rd he was last seen by a neighbor. He told her he felt unwell and requested delivery of groceries the following day; after they did not show up their family began searching in North Knox County for him.

Net Worth

According to various online resources and other sources, famous Celebrity Daniel Dewey is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. Unfortunately, details regarding his salary, lifestyle or any other aspects are currently unknown.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Kathleen (Kelly) Dewey of Quincy, his devoted children Daniel Dewey and Alla Baranovsky of Westborough as well as Aileen Quilty and Conor Quilty both from Quincy; two grandchildren Cullen Quilty (Cullen Lily Quilty-Dewey) as well as Alexander and Nikita Baranovsky-Dewey from Westborough as well as many nieces and nephews.

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