Daniel Dorsett

Daniel Dorsett – Percussionist, Composer, and Music Educator

Daniel Dorsett of Indianapolis is an internationally-acclaimed percussionist, composer, and music educator who specializes in writing pieces accessible to both beginning and advanced band students alike. His compositions feature sensitive orchestration accompanied by beautiful melodies; additionally he has been recognized with numerous awards throughout his career as a teacher.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Dorsett was born February 23rd 1973 and currently resides at 1919 Ygnacio Valley Rd in Walnut Creek CA.

Dorsett grew up in western Pennsylvania and attended Hopewell High School before playing college football at the University of Pittsburgh where he became Heisman Trophy recipient and set numerous collegiate records, such as setting both season (11) and career (33) 100-yard game records that would stand for decades to come.

After an outstanding collegiate career, he was selected by the Dallas Cowboys with the second overall pick in 1977 NFL Draft. From there he quickly made an impactful mark in the league; rushing for at least 1,000 yards each of his first nine seasons (excluding 1982 due to strikes) while helping guide them to five NFC Championship Games and two Super Bowl victories.

Professional Career

Dorsett excelled at both football and basketball in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania where he attended Hopewell High School before winning the Heisman Trophy – becoming the first running back to win such honor in 29 years!

He then had an extraordinary record-setting career at the University of Pittsburgh, becoming one of the first college players ever to rush for 1,000 yards in each of his four seasons and eventually setting an all-time NCAA rushing mark. Later, he was selected first-round in 1977 NFL draft and went on to play professionally for 11 seasons – winning Super Bowl championship with Dallas Cowboys.

He was active in public service and advocacy work, advocating against sexism and sleep apnea through campaigns against both. Through Pro Player Health Alliance he helped to increase awareness about sleep apnea as well as facilitate treatment plans.

Achievement and Honors

Dorsett broke a 29-year record at University of Pittsburgh as a freshman, becoming its first running back since 1988 to be recognized with All-America honors. He racked up 1,586 yards on his way to leading his Panthers team to their first winning season since 2010.

Dorsett was one of the greatest high school football players ever seen at Aliquippa High School, in western Pennsylvania. To honor him, both Aliquippa’s stadium and one near Heinz Field have been named after him.

Ella Hereth, one of Dorsett’s colleagues at Arsenal Tech, nominated him for the Golden Apple award due to his dedication as a teacher. According to Hereth, Dorsett often takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor students entering without prior musical training.

Personal Life

Daniel is a husband, father and musician. His passion lies in building and restoring classic cars – he’s been doing this with his dad for years – but he also plays drums and guitar, spending much time with family.

Harshman Middle School students nominated Dorsett for this prestigious award due to his dedication and hard work teaching instrumental music classes late into the night. Ella Hereth nominated Dorsett due to his devotion. Dorsett often works long after sunset teaching instrumental music lessons.

He has amassed significant medical costs for chemotherapy treatments and ongoing expenses, and needs assistance covering these expenses. His treatments will take place four-hours away in Augusta; as such he must reside at a hotel for extended periods.

Net Worth

Tony Dorsett amassed an immense net worth as a former running back with the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos before retiring from professional football in 1989.

He has used both his fame and money to advocate for sleep apnea treatment, organizing public awareness events regarding this condition and holding public screening events for it. Through these efforts, many current and former professional athletes have benefitted.

Home Address is 1919 Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek California 94598 and his home address has been there since January of 2023. He currently holds the position of Vice President – Senior Credit Review Officer and Continuous Monitoring Team Leader with Umpqua Bank; in addition, two additional companies employ him.

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