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The Surreal Paradoxes of Modern Life

Daniel Dove, an artist based out of San Luis Obispo in California, blends contemporary themes and traditional painting techniques to push painting forward as an art form in 21st-century image making. His nationally exhibited pieces skillfully demonstrate its ever-expanding reach.

Dove’s paintings draw upon observation and art history. For instance, her composition Grrrl with Guitar draws directly on Picasso’s Girl with Mandolin.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Dove’s paintings explore the surrealities of modern life. His oil-on-canvas works evoke effects from architecture, art and popular culture with intricate details, beautiful brushwork and vibrant hues that bring them all to life. Genres such as gestural/hard edge abstraction history painting landscape are seamlessly interwoven into his compositions.

Dove has participated in solo and group shows at galleries and universities throughout the United States. His artwork has been showcased in Art in America, Tema Celeste, Los Angeles Times and Village Voice publications.

Dove draws inspiration from a range of sources, spanning Cubist fractures to Riot Grrl culture. His painting Grrrl with Guitar (1910) draws its title from Picasso’s Girl with Mandolin (1910) – depicting a sensuous figure strumming away at her guitar against bright stage lights in profile view.

Professional Career

Daniel Dove’s paintings combine contemporary themes, classical painting techniques and cutting edge technology into 21st century image making. His paintings have been widely displayed at galleries and universities nationwide.

Dove’s oil-on-canvas pieces showcase the often surrealistic influences of architecture, art and popular culture on our lives. Her rich details, beautiful brushwork and vibrant color create pieces which invite contemplative observation for quiet enjoyment of thoughtful contemplation.

Grrrl with Guitar by Dove draws upon Picasso’s Girl with Mandolin by depicting a young woman strumming her guitar. Dove’s work also draws upon Cubist fracturing and Matisse’s color theory. Unfortunately, Elizabeth “Liz” Dove Dynerowicz passed away before him as well as both Gabrielle and Jacques Goulet (his parents), however his sons Julien Dove (predeceased), Leo Dove (surviving) Julie Dove Stromberg plus grandchildren as well as many beloved family and friends.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Dove’s paintings reflect current themes while using classic painting techniques and new technology to move painting tradition forward into 21st century image making. His nationally-exhibited work illustrates its ever-expanding reach.

Rita Dove has earned numerous honorary degrees and awards, such as the National Medal of Arts. As an author, she has published 11 poetry collections such as Thomas and Beulah; Sonata Mulattica; and “Collected Poems 1974-2004”.

Dove has shown at galleries, museums and universities throughout the US since 1999; such venues as Jack Shainman Gallery in New York; Philip Martin Gallery of Los Angeles; Cherry and Martin Gallery and Mark Moore Gallery (LA); Torrance Art Museum-TAM of Torrance CA and Frederick Weisman Museum Malibu CA are some of them; she was also recently showcased on David Zwirner Platform.

Personal Life

Daniel Dove’s oil-on-canvas paintings depict the surreal paradoxes of modern life with deft strokes of oil paint. Drawing inspiration from architecture, art and popular culture he employs elements of gestural abstraction, history painting and landscape into compositions which defy logic and push past the limits of their picture planes to produce works which defy logic while pushing their picture plane beyond logic’s reach.

Dove, who teaches drawing and painting at California State University Long Beach, has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions at Jack Shainman Gallery in New York; Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles and Cherry and Martin Gallery both of which display his works regularly.

His most recent series, Overlap, blends realistic objects with abstract brushstrokes to evoke an impression of space that’s constantly in transition. Paintings like Soundstage and Odeon take this concept even further by juxtaposing realistic objects against nonrealist brushstrokes for maximum chaos.

Net Worth

Daniel is a professional footballer currently playing goalkeeper for Belgian club Sint Truiden in Belgium. With pictures posted of himself with both of his daughters online, it’s evident that Daniel is very family oriented.

He is a versatile songwriter and musician who writes songs for hip-hop, R&B, gospel artists as well as country artists. Country is his primary field of focus.

Dove Cameron first gained recognition with her appearances in Descendants film series; since then she has gone on to take on numerous movie and TV roles, earning herself an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million. Furthermore, Dove Cameron is also an accomplished singer; making her an invaluable member of Lonesome Dove.

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