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Dan Dowling

Dowling’s cartoons addressed both domestic and international political topics. He is perhaps best-known for his work with the Omaha World Herald and New York Herald Tribune.

Dowling is deeply appreciative of the guidance he received at TJSL, from Property I to working directly with Professor Steve Semeraro for directed study purposes. Now armed with his education he hopes to put it to use helping new entrepreneurial ventures flourish.

Early Life and Education

Dan Dowling is an American editorial cartoonist. His cartoons have appeared in newspapers such as Omaha World Herald, New York Herald Tribune, Kansas City Star and Christopher Award in 1960. Additionally he attended West Virginia University where he received a master of chemical engineering.

He is blessed to be blessed with six loving children: Mary Bea (Denny) Biedenbach, Cathy (Mike) Grady, Shari (Tim) Baechle, Teresa Thomas and Dan Dowling Jr.. Additionally he has 14 grandchildren: Matt Biedenbach, Summer Grady Tara Barrick Laurel Dowling and Jenna Baechle.

As president of Dowling Catholic High School, Ryan oversees the education of over 550 students annually. He has participated in many community activities and strongly advocates for how education helps develop well-rounded individuals.

Personal Life

Dan Dowling was an Irish artist known for his realistic landscapes and life scenes paintings, nude portraiture and membership of Ulster Arts Club. Additionally he exhibited at Royal Hibernian Academy*. As a husband, father and grandfather he is survived by wife Anne Staudt; children Mary Bea Biedenbach (Tony), Cathy Grady, Laurel Shearman Shearman Ryan Dowling as well as grandchildren Connor Baechle Matt Shari Jenna Danny Laura as well as 12 great-grandchildren.

Des Moines native Dan is delighted to take on multiple duties at once in his new position, from staff management and meetings with state lawmakers, to supporting Catholic education for more families at an affordable cost. Professor Semeraro gave him invaluable guidance during this transition period of his life and career path.

Professional Career

Dowling’s cartoons provided visual depictions of domestic and international political issues, from domestic policy debates to international affairs. His depiction of figures often seemed less realistic and more caricaturesque; for instance he often depicted President Lyndon Johnson wearing cowboy hats while standing among cacti to symbolize his Texas roots.

Garda Enda Coughlan was cross examined by the defence on statements that may differ from evidence presented. He confirmed meeting the defendants at Shannon Airport and accompanying them when they were escorted off of their plane – handing Dan Dowling over to army while handing Edward Horgan over to one of her male colleagues.

Dowling excelled as an exceptional student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, taking full advantage of both classroom and practical curriculum; participating in IP clinic for two semesters as well as directed study under Professor Steve Semeraro. Now with an LL.M degree under his belt, he looks forward to applying it toward helping new entrepreneurial ventures obtain legal guidance.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Dowling’s story of perseverance and success is an empowering example for us all to emulate, reminding us that hard work and determination will overcome any challenges to help achieve our dreams. He also encourages us to use failure as an opportunity for growth.

He has earned several accolades and awards, such as two Freedom Foundation Awards, a Christopher Award and Sigma Chi Delta’s Sigma Chi Delta award. Additionally, John served on the boards of directors at Saucon Valley School District, Muhlenberg College, St Luke’s Hospital and Walsh University where together with his wife Marie Dowling they established The John and Marie Dowling Endowed Scholarship to assist students pursuing academic goals.

Net Worth

Dowling, who boasts an estimated net worth of $41,000 annually, works as a meteorologist for WCAX as part of its weekend and evening newscast coverage.

He is currently married and has two children with his Vermont-native wife. Together they love exploring Vermont’s snow by snowboarding and cooking on their barbecue grill, as well as spending quality time together at home in Lyndonville.

He enjoys gardening and painting. In particular, nude and portrait paintings have always been his specialty; drawing and painting have always been essential means of self-expression for him. His work has won him various awards and been displayed at exhibitions all around the world; its distinctive style earning him international renown.

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