Daniel Gielchinsky

Daniel Gielchinsky

Daniel Gielchinsky offers clients legal representation in complex shareholder and partnership disputes, using his extensive background in finance and forensic accounting to successfully navigate through the tangled web of issues involved.

He specializes in representing creditors, fiduciaries and committees in bankruptcy cases and is a member of the Florida Bar.

Professional Career

Daniel Gielchinsky is a business litigation attorney located in Aventura, Florida who has over two decades of legal experience and certification as a mediator. Gielchinsky graduated with his Juris Doctor degree from Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law before being admitted as a practicing attorney by Florida courts in 2002.

He has extensive experience in commercial, civil and bankruptcy litigation as well as corporate matters ranging from shareholder and partnership disputes to divorce litigation, foreclosures, real estate litigation and employment discrimination cases.

Recently, Isaac Marcushamer and Dr. Guerin joined forces to form the contemporary law firm DGIM Law based out of Miami. Their combined expertise will assist clients with complex commercial, chancery, and bankruptcy litigation matters.

Personal Life

Gielchinsky maintains a balance between work and home life despite his successful legal career. He serves on various organizations’ boards and regularly speaks about autism issues; additionally he spends time with his family practicing mindfulness as well as exploring motorcycles and sports cars as hobbies.

Gielchinsky currently practices law at Herten Burstein in Hackensack and specializes in commercial, chancery, civil and bankruptcy litigation matters. He is well known for his expertise in handling shareholder and partnership disputes as well as managing complex forensic accounting/valuation issues associated with these cases.

He recently formed DGIM Law alongside fellow business lawyer Isaac Marcushamer to specialize in high-stakes commercial litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency matters, and leverage their individual skillsets for comprehensive representation in complex legal matters for their clients.

Net Worth

As a former partner and practice group leader of two prominent South Florida law firms, Daniel Gielchinsky gained extensive experience managing complex commercial litigation cases before State, Federal, Bankruptcy, and Appellate courts. This included challenging shareholder and partnership disputes involving valuation issues he could successfully navigate using his expertise in forensic accounting and finance issues – providing clients with effective representation for business, chancery, civil, bankruptcy litigation issues. Currently a member of Herten Burstein LLP serving clients for business chancery civil and bankruptcy litigation services clients for clients facing disputes across these arenas.

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