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Daniel Gillon, Barrister

Daniel Gillon, an award-winning professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania. His research interests center around political protest, inequality and presidential power – subjects on which he has published multiple books and journal articles.

He is highly-experienced in advising both public and private companies on various corporate and securities issues, such as financings, mergers and acquisitions as well as regulatory and compliance concerns.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gillon specializes in corporate and securities law matters, such as private financings, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, SEC reporting and compliance as well as biotechnology licensing agreements and commercial agreements for biopharma, pharma and life science companies. While in law school he served as articles editor of Law & Contemporary Problems as well as earning first place awards at both William & Mary Transaction Law Tournament 2020 and Duke Intramural Transactional Law Competition.

Gillon also possesses extensive litigation and trial preparation experience, including both bench and jury trials. With extensive banking, business and public service backgrounds – banking for banking purposes; public service; working in banking as well as working for public banks. An alumni of the University of Iowa; married with one daughter and two sons living in Glenolden with family.

Professional Career

Gillon has been involved with multiple professional sports teams and coaching jobs. He has published academic papers and journal articles examining political protest, racial inequality and presidential politics in America; these works have been featured in popular media such as the New York Times and GQ Magazine.

Gillon’s first film, ‘Sound of Silence,’ chronicles his experience living as a deaf person in Switzerland. According to him, this experience made him appreciate that while he may have access to resources, not everyone does.

Gillon has guided numerous athletes at HPU to Big South and NCAA National recognition over his tenure, such as current/former defender Johnny Fenwick (San Antonio FC) and Rashid Tetteh, midfielders Ilias Kosmidis and Mamadee Nyepon as well as forwards Keegan Meyer and Ebe Kudolo who all earned All-American status under him.

Achievement and Honors

The President of the United States of America takes great pleasure in awarding Captain Daniel Gillon of United States Marine Corps with a Silver Star for demonstrating extraordinary gallantry and valor as pilot for Marine Attack Squadron Three Hundred Twelve (VMA-312). While participating in an aerial assault against an enemy supply installation in Korea on 27 December 1952, when his pilot was forced to parachute into Taedong estuary due to adverse conditions; Captain Gillon promptly alerted rescue facilities and directed other friendly aircraft toward that location – saving many lives along the way!

His indefatigable fighting spirit and outstanding airmanship brought great credit both to himself and the United States Naval Service.

Personal Life

Gillon has written extensively on political protest, with works published in academic journals like American Journal of Political Science, Electoral Studies and British Journal of Politics as well as popular media like New York Times and GQ Magazine.

His research was featured on ITVs regional news program North East Tonight and his students have had their work featured, such as India Adams who is studying MA News Journalism at Sunderland and saw her work broadcasted.

Michael Gillon is happy that bin Laden is dead, yet worries about its effects on his son Steven who serves in Afghanistan. He hopes he’ll return for Christmas.

Net Worth

He is a well-recognized Barrister with a net worth of $5 million, who represents both public and private companies in corporate and securities matters, such as private financings, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, SEC reporting compliance requirements and corporate governance matters. Furthermore, he advises biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies on licensing agreements.

Daniel first achieved international renown as an actor through his appearance in the 2009 drama ‘Three Rivers,’ then made numerous additional films in subsequent years before joining Criminal Minds’ cast in 2015. That role brought even further exposure for him.

Michael Gillon, Steven’s father, hopes his younger son will return before next February. Until then, he sends 100 Girl Scout cookies monthly as well as other treats from his Glenolden living room.

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