Daniel Gish

Daniel Gish is a Lawyer with a Law Degree from Texas State University

Early Life and Education

After an early stage career, Gish easily transitioned to silent film technology and excelled as she made sound films. She was adept at portraying characters with complex emotions while maintaining her signature fluid acting style that set her apart from earlier melodramatic movies.

Gish was among the earliest stars to lend support for Liberty Bonds during World War II, appearing in several public service announcements for them and speaking at numerous civic groups across America.

Her correspondence with statemen, writers, ambassadors, politicians, professors, housewives, actors and other cultural figures provides a window onto 20th-century history, politics, current events, the arts and everyday life – providing scholars interested in American social history as well as theater and film with invaluable material to explore.

Professional Career

Gish first gained widespread acclaim through her stage and film performances, before being noticed by director D. W. Griffith who cast her and her sister Dorothy as leading ladies in his two melodramas Birth of a Nation (1915) and Intolerance (1916). Through these productions she established herself as one of the most significant actresses of silent cinema history.

Gish later left Griffith for MGM, where Greta Garbo overshadowed her on screen. She returned to stage for Jed Harris’ production of Uncle Vanya in 1930 and eventually found lasting success as an actress on Broadway plays.

This collection comprises letters and other ephemera that document Lillian Gish’s career in films, on stage and personal appearances. Furthermore, there is correspondence, contracts and legal materials related to her Duell lawsuit as well as her property and real estate holdings.

Achievement and Honors

Gish was also an esteemed member of the National Athletic Trainers Association for over 30 years, serving as both Area President and being honored with Eddie Wojecki Service Award. During that time, he wrote and taught sports medicine courses at Texas State University as an Author/Instructor.

He was actively engaged in community affairs and volunteerism, volunteering at local schools, hospitals, civic groups and serving as an adult leader with Boy Scouts of America.

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Personal Life

Daniel Gish is a confident and detail-oriented individual who is well prepared to begin their legal career. Passionate about law, Daniel believes he will find success in this field with great communication skills as a team player and great communication abilities.

This series comprises five subseries, consisting of appointment and notebook papers, biographical materials, family papers and correspondence as well as household and financial documents and correspondence. Biographical materials include an original manuscript for Silver Glory which later evolved into books like The Movies, Mr Griffith and Me and Infinity in an Hour. Also present are speeches and lectures delivered during his lifetime.

Gish was part of Bark Psychosis alongside Graham Sutton, John Ling and Mark Simnett in 1994, when they released Hex before disbanding gradually during that year.

Net Worth

He currently owns 8,500 shares of Bancfirst worth $752,825 as of 1 November 2019, having made two trades of BANF stock over the last five years.

Gish first joined MGM as an actress in 1924, but quickly lost out to Greta Garbo. Gish left Hollywood for Broadway where she quickly established herself – her performance opposite John Gielgud in a 1930 Hamlet production led to many other roles for her.

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