Daniel Glassmeyer

Daniel Glassmeyer

Daniel Glassmeyer is a retired Ohio educator who has amassed immense wealth through investments. He currently resides in West Chester, Ohio with three of his five children and several grandchildren.

He is also a well-regarded artist who has displayed his paintings at various exhibitions around the country. They have earned great praise among art enthusiasts.

Early Life and Education

Dan Glassmeyer was born and raised in Ohio before attending medical school at the University of Buffalo and starting his medical career in Marshall, Minnesota after graduation. Dan was also a loving husband and father who took immense pleasure from spending time with his family.

He was an enthusiastic adventurer with many interests that ranged from cycling and sailing to racquet sports and skiing. Additionally, he held commercial pilot licenses.

Over 55 years had passed since his marriage to Veronica “Ronnie” Glassmeyer; together they raised two sons. Known for his integrity and wisdom, he will be sorely missed by all those he knew; truly gentleman who never took himself too seriously.

Professional Career

Dan had an impressive professional resume. His insatiable curiosity allowed him to master numerous sports such as cycling, snow skiing and snowboarding, racquet sports, swimming and boating – and with aviation coming into play with private, instrument and commercial pilot licenses obtained over time.

Dan was also actively engaged in his community through his philanthropy efforts, volunteering for multiple organizations and hosting an exchange student for one year. Additionally, his passion for outdoor pursuits combined with philanthropy by leading visually impaired cross-country skiers in Norway as well as sea kayakers in the Caribbean on adventures – something which Dan excelled at doing philanthropically.

He is survived by his wife Veronica and their two children Laura Hagen and Dan Glassmeyer; as well as his siblings Satolli, John, and Tom Glassmeyer as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Achievement and Honors

Glassmeyer became the inaugural junior faculty member at Tuck to receive an Excellence in Teaching Award from their MBA Class in 2015. He has published articles in Management Science and Psychological Science journals. Glassmeyer is survived by his wife Veronica and their four children Laura, Dan Jr. Greg and Steve as well as 14 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

At Central York High School, he earned the 2020 PIAA 6a State Runner-up position in football and two-time YAIAA Defensive Player of the Year and First Team All-State selection honors.

Personal Life

Dan was an exceptional husband, father, physician, mentor educator and friend to many. His generous nature saw him give of his time and resources in support of various charitable causes including Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation and American Heart Association among others.

Carol Beckman survives her husband, leaving behind their three children – Kimberly Pfaff, Tim Beckman and their spouses, along with eight grandchildren including Henry Koleton Samuel Paxton Maelyn Bryson who reside in Buffalo New York.

Dan has resided at 208 E Thrush Avenue in Crestline since September of 2009; before that he lived at 8065 W Chester Road in West Chester for five years prior to moving back home in West Chester in Ohio.

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