Daniel Habit

Daniel Habit

Daniel habif is an award-winning motivational speaker known for empowering audiences worldwide. Born October 5, 1983 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico; Daniel married Anyha Ruiz de Habif on March 26, 2007.

He is an entrepreneur, content creator, and motivational speaker who has shared his message at major forums like TEDx, Senate of the Republic, and INJUVE. Additionally, he leads the #INQUEBRANTABLES movement.

Early Life and Education

Daniel habit was born in Toronto, Canada and currently stands at an average height of 6 feet with an impressive physique. An avid fitness enthusiast, Daniel regularly exercises to maintain his body.

He is known for his motivational talks, publications and social media material that highlight themes of resilience and courage. He has spoken at over 95 conferences across Mexico and Latin America.

Daniel is also a renowned author who is best known for writing the Inquebrantables series (Unbreakable). Following in his father’s footsteps as an actor, it comes as no surprise that Daniel himself followed suit and has made several movies and telenovela appearances himself. Additionally, his career took an exciting new path when he found success as a motivational speaker helping many individuals follow their dreams while facing challenging circumstances head-on.

Professional Career

He is widely recognized for his motivational talks, publications, and social media content that promote themes of resilience, courage, and positivism. To date he has held over 95 conferences across Mexico and Latin America.

James represents syndicators, developers, lenders and investors in transactions involving federal and state tax credit private equity investments for low-income housing developments, historic rehabilitations projects and renewable energy initiatives as well as tax-exempt bond financings.

He has spoken at events like TEDx, Senate of the Republic and INJUVE as a guest speaker and appeared in more than 200 ads. Born October 5, 1983 and holding Mexican nationality, he currently resides with his wife Anyha Ruiz de Habif in Mazatlan where they share two children together.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

He is an entrepreneur, content producer, and motivational speaker. His talks and publications explore themes such as resilience, courage, and positivism; moreover he has appeared in over 200 advertisements.

He has an immense appreciation of nature and finds it essential in staying feeling alive. He enjoys traveling to remote corners of the earth in search of inspiring wilderness; having explored New Zealand, swum with dolphins in their natural environment and canoed through class III whitewater rapids in Canada’s North he is constantly inspired by this incredible world around us.

Daniel leads an active lifestyle, engaging in physical training, meditation and yoga on a regular basis. Additionally, he has written two books, Inquebrantables and Despierta respectively. Daniel is also a member of Mexico’s National Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as being renowned motivational speaker who has inspired people from across the world.

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