Daniel Haime

The Life of Daniel Haime

Daniel Haime is an industrial engineer who graduated with his B.S. from Lehigh University. With expertise in agribusiness and real estate development, Daniel currently serves as President of the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation which supports high social impact programs in Colombia.

He is also the founder of Novus Civitas, an urban project company. One of their projects includes Serena del Mar in Cartagena.

Early Life and Education

Haime credits his rich cultural experiences and practical education for the success of his career. Colombian culture taught him dignity and strength; French culture fostered discipline and attention to detail; while his time spent working at a Japanese steel mill allowed him to build dedication and precision in his profession.

He has overseen numerous large real estate projects, such as La Felicidad in Colombia with 17,000 middle and upper class apartments, recreational fields and an innovative shopping mall. Furthermore, he acts as the guarantor and leader for Novus Civitas Company which manages numerous urban projects like Serena del Mar in Cartagena.

He is also president of the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation, which supports high-impact social programs through various philanthropic efforts.

Professional Career

Haime is continuing his family’s legacy through high-impact programs focusing on health, education and arts/culture. Additionally, he oversees his private firm Novus Civitas – a developer with experience in industries such as industry, agribusiness and real estate – with great success.

Haime envisions Cartagena becoming an agribusiness and tourism hub, and has engaged architects, planners, and environmentalists in his plan. Their involvement will ensure that his development will blend in harmoniously with Colombia’s natural landscape.

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Achievement and Honors

Haime has also proven successful in real estate development. He presides over Vendome, a firm which participated in Cusezar company’s Reserva del Salitre project featuring five thousand homes stratum 5. Furthermore, Vendome leads construction for Serena Del Mar Cartagena which spans 100 hectares with seventeen thousand apartments expected to be constructed over time.

Haime Gutt continues the family legacy of philanthropy through the Carlos & Sonia Haime Foundation, serving as president. Through this organization he supports high impact programs in Health and Education while leading Novus Civitas projects across Cartagena city limits.

He stands out as one of the few leaders of nonprofit theater companies to have held onto their positions for so long despite tough economic conditions and challenges facing theater organizations today.

Personal Life

Haime began his professional life working in a Japanese steel mill where he gained an appreciation of dedication and precision. Later, Haime discovered his passion for writing poetry which lead to several volumes being published under his name.

Haime carries on the family philanthropic legacy through the Carlos and Sonia Gutt Haime Foundation, supporting programs with high social impact throughout Colombia. Additionally, he serves on the board of Novus Civitas Industrial Group that manages and develops urban projects within Serena del Mar.

Developer Robert Gonnella plans to use 2,500 acres outside Cartagena as the site for his latest endeavor: an ambitious metropolis consisting of low-income housing and state schools as well as low-cost apartments for low-income residents, business schools and universities, public hospitals, canals and vaporetti services connecting it directly with downtown Cartagena.

Net Worth

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He was also renowned as both a businessman and philanthropist, leading the Carlos & Sonia Haime Foundation which provides funding for high impact programs in Health, Education, Arts/Culture. Furthermore, he served as President of Novus Civitas which developed major urban projects within Cartagena’s city limits.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University. His business empire includes steel manufacturing, palm oil cultivation and its derivatives production as well as real estate development.

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