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Kyle Hanagami – Dancer and Choreographer From Honolulu

Kyle Hanagami has choreographed iconic moves for BlackPink, TWICE and Red Velvet that have captured audiences across YouTube and TikTok. Additionally, he leads Detroit Breaking to organize community events and battles, while running workshops.

Hanagami’s lawsuit against Connors and Shikada alleges the AG office is violating transparency laws, calling for the creation of a special fraud unit and alteration in how investigators work with prosecutors.

Early Life and Education

Hanagami has choreographed for everyone from Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, earning them viral TikTok hits along the way. However, his services are particularly in demand among K-pop mega stars where they need expert moves that bring energy and life to both music videos and live performances.

But Hanagami, 71, claims his removal is part of an orchestrated campaign to undermine his authority. He accuses Shikada and Connors of seeking to discredit him after using pepper spray on a homeless person and disclosing the identities of special agents through billing submitted to another department.

He believes his opponents are trying to force him out due to legislation proposed last year that would establish a separate department to handle criminal fraud and corruption investigations — an activity already managed by his office. But bill sponsor Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz stated it wasn’t in response to Hanagami’s complaints.

Professional Career

He has performed and choreographed for artists such as BLACKPINK, Lele Pons, Cedric Botelho of Cirque du Soleil (Cirque du Soleil), Glenn Packard, Jaime Aguirre and Jawkeen Howard – as well as being an award-winning dance instructor with his signature style that blends hip hop with gymnastics.

Hanagami voiced his concerns publicly during legislative hearings on a proposed fraud unit for AG office and Shikada’s confirmation hearing for her role as attorney general. According to Hanagami, his disagreement with Connors and Shikada occurred by advocating for keeping federal and state law enforcement separate.

Hanagami filed a civil complaint against Connors, Shikada and their office for violating his civil rights. His suit alleges discrimination and retaliation for his efforts to report wrongdoing, with allegations that the AG’s office intentionally interfered with his investigations by filing fraudulent evaluations and reports to force him out of his job.

Achievement and Honors

Hanagami is an internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer who has collaborated with multiple artists and brands, garnering over 4 million YouTube subscribers and becoming the platform’s most watched choreography video.

He has also appeared in music videos for artists like BlackPink and Bts, earning awards such as the Streamy Award and Gold World Medal from the American Choreography Association for his efforts.

Hanagami recently filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, the creators of popular video game Fortnite. Hanagami claimed copyright infringement and unfair competition when Epic Games used his choreography from Charlie Puth’s song “How Long” in their Fortnite emote.

Hanagami was removed from the AG’s office following several scandals within her department, such as an ongoing bribery case and investigation of illegal donations made to former Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris in early 2000s. Clean government advocates have taken this move as evidence that state is unwilling to address corruption within its departments.

Personal Life

Hanagami has found himself embroiled in several controversial issues as an employee of the state. He played an essential role in investigating thefts from Ewa Villages and illegal donations made to former Honolulu mayor Jeremy Harris; additionally he led Hawaii Police Department’s probe of corruption allegations in the Department of Transportation.

Hanagami alleges that Shikada and Connors collaborated in order to force him out of his job by filing an age discrimination claim against him as well as filing fake evaluations and reports regarding him. Furthermore, Hanagami holds that this office seeks to disassemble his fraud unit and reduce his supervisory power.

Hanagami attributes attempts at his ousting to legislation proposed last year that would create a Department of Law Enforcement that would assume some of the AG’s police and investigative functions.

Net Worth

Hanagami, in his early 70s, served as chief investigator for the state before being dismissed last year based on age discrimination by Shikada and former Attorney General Clare Connors. According to Hanagami’s allegations, they allege Shikada discriminated against him due to age when firing him last year.

Hanagami made his displeasure known during public hearings on legislation proposing to create a fraud unit in the AG’s office and Shikada’s confirmation hearings, where he claimed that his cases were being mishandled and that department officials intended to dismantle his investigative division so as to limit their supervisory powers.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, in reviewing Shikada’s nomination, has requested documents pertaining to his complaints from both Hanagami and his department. According to Committee Chair Robert Scotton on Tuesday afternoon, they are still working towards this end; meanwhile the AG’s office declined comment.

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