Daniel Hanf

Daniel Hanf, Executive Vice President of Stakeholder Relations at Emera

Hanf was an accomplished cross-country runner at Sheridan High School who tragically experienced an above-the-knee amputation and fused vertebrae, in addition to broken ribs, collapsed lung, and other injuries as a result of this accident. This experience ultimately inspired him to pursue trauma surgery as his career choice.

Hanf was released Wednesday from the state’s sexually violent predator treatment program where he had been detained since 2014.

Early Life and Education

Hanf earned notoriety in 2006 for cutting off his electronic monitor bracelet in an attempt to elude authorities who were seeking his arrest for assaulting a Mount Pleasant woman. Hanf was out on bail pending trial for another incident wherein he was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at Folly Beach party.

He reached an agreement with prosecutors in both Mount Pleasant and Folly Beach cases to enter an Alford plea, meaning he maintained his innocence but acknowledged there was sufficient evidence against him at trial. In exchange, he received credit for time served while waiting trial – approximately 18 months he estimates having spent in jail while waiting trial.

Hanf entered voluntarily into the sexually violent predator treatment program of Illinois in 2014, serving his prison time up until today’s fatal crash on Ashley Phosphate Road. The Highway Patrol continues its investigation.

Professional Career

Daniel Hanf made headlines nationwide when he cut off his electronic monitor to avoid arrest by police for attacking a sleeping acquaintance in Mount Pleasant in 2006. Since 2014, Hanf had been part of the state’s sexually violent predator treatment program but has recently been cleared to leave.

His lawyer Jim Falk reported today in court that no concerns had been expressed by representatives from the state Department of Mental Health regarding Hanf’s release, noting that Hanf did receive credit for time served while waiting for his case to be heard by courts.

Hanf was struck by a Dodge Durango around 8:30 p.m. Thursday on Ashley Phosphate Road in Dorchester County and sustained serious injuries as a result of this collision.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Hanf has received several honors and awards for his efforts at the University of South Carolina, such as winning the 2011 Lou Laux Environmental Sustainability Award presented to students and faculty members who work to cultivate an environmental ethic at school, and Omicron Delta Kappa for teaching excellence.

As reported by WCSC, he is currently out of the sexually violent predator treatment program in Massachusetts and served prison time for offenses including assault and battery and sexual conduct.

He is survived by his wife Maura and two daughters Kaia and Katelynn; Ashlynn was his grandchild. To commemorate his life and leave condolence messages there. A memorial page has also been set up with information and links for you to leave condolence messages or share memories about him.

Personal Life

Hanf has taught orchestra in public schools in Rogers, Arkansas; Hazelwood and Cape Girardeau Missouri as well as professional associations for music educators. Hanf holds both his bachelor’s degree in music education from Evangel University as well as master’s in violin performance from the University of Arkansas.

Hanf was charged with attacking a girl after she became drunk while drinking tequila at her brother’s North Charleston home and sleeping naked while he undressed and had sexual relations with her, according to an arrest affidavit. He was released early in 2022 upon entering an Alford plea which allows for them to maintain innocence while admitting there is enough evidence against them at trial.

Hanf notes that while his show launched prior to President Donald Trump, it does not come as a reactionary response. Instead, its focus is more about topics people can relate to like text etiquette and dealing with social media’s early days of chaos.

Net Worth

Hanf serves as Emera’s Executive Vice President of Stakeholder Relations and Regulatory Affairs and receives a base salary of $1,367,120 as well as bonuses totalling up to $57,120 annually and stock options worth up to $24,220.

Hanf made headlines in 2006 for cutting off his electronic monitor while trying to evade police investigating him for sexually assaulting and raping two women at Folly Beach and another apartment complex in Mount Pleasant. Eventually he was caught and charged, serving four months before being granted credit for time served and released back home on credit for time served.

Hanf has lived at his current address of 13942 Arthur Avenue in Paramount for approximately seven years; according to public records he has previously resided at 20 other addresses across four states and seven counties.

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