Daniel Heyman

A Profile of Daniel Heyman

Heyman made significant contributions to queueing theory, Markov chain computations and communication protocol performance modeling during his career. Additionally, he contributed to coded video traffic source modeling and simulation.

He was also involved with Sierra Leone-based company Angaza Design as a founding member and advisor on new product development.

Early Life and Education

Heyman was an artist from Dartmouth College with a particular interest in war victims. Through his art he gave them voices. In 2006 he traveled with human rights lawyers to Jordan and Istanbul with former detainees from Abu Ghraib prison to hear them recount their stories of imprisonment.

By painting their faces encircled with words from their stories in a series of dry-point prints and gouache paintings, he combined both narratives to produce portraits that speak more deeply of who the subject was and his narrative as an artist. This method enabled his work to be showcased at PMA List Gallery as well as many exhibitions nationwide.

Professional Career

Heyman was a prominent scholar in operations research and his focus was the mathematical theory of stochastic processes. He published two books related to this field and belonged to multiple professional associations.

He is also a skilled painter whose art often portrays marginalized communities’ experiences; for instance, his portraits include Iraqi torture survivors from Abu Ghraib as well as Philadelphia fathers struggling to raise their children.

He portrayed these individuals with the help of lithographs that featured their faces and voice through an alphabet of quotes that included their words to create dialogue between portrait and voice. Currently a professor of printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design, his work has won him several accolades such as a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship and 2009 Pen Fellowship, in addition to teaching positions at Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania.

Achievement and Honors

Heyman is well known in pro wrestling as manager of multiple champions, including Brock Lesnar. They worked perfectly together as they shared an undisguised dislike.

He has received Guggenheim and Pew Fellowships, research grants from Princeton University, RISD and Hood Museum of Art as well as his works being displayed throughout museums around the country.

He is also co-founder of Palm NFT Studio, a protocol engineering firm for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allow users to buy digital goods. He serves on the board of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Furthermore, he mentors numerous startups while frequently speaking at tech conferences and writing articles related to blockchain technology.

Personal Life

Heyman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and math from Columbia University before going on to the MIT Sloan School of Management to earn an MBA. Additionally, Heyman engaged in research into telecom operations research, queueing theory, and Markov chain computations.

Between 2006 and 2008, he accompanied human rights lawyer Susan Burke on multiple trips to Amman and Istanbul where he conducted interviews with Iraqi torture survivors at Abu Ghraib prison. While interviewing these Iraqis he sketched their likenesses while interweaving excerpts from their testimonies onto engraving plates or sheets of paper.

Heyman has collaborated on numerous films with director Alfonso Cuaron, such as 2013 science fiction film Gravity and 2014 family drama We’re the Millers. His artwork has been displayed at museums and galleries worldwide and he currently teaches printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design.

Net Worth

He has worked as producer on various film adaptations of popular books such as Harry Potter. His efforts on these films have garnered him many accolades and awards.

Heyman has been part of WWE since 2002 and has served as manager to wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Big Show, CM Punk and Rob Van Dam. Additionally, Heyman currently acts as special adviser to Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

He is co-owner of branding and marketing agency Looking4Larry with an estimated net worth estimated around $10 Million. Additionally, he works at Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith Inc as an advisor, is active with National Rifle Association, supports Second Amendment, and holds membership at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.

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