Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill

He currently assists collegiate and professional athletes to reach their full potential through proper mechanics, injury prevention strategies, fat loss strategies, and sport/life specific training.

Hill was an unwavering advocate who accomplished much as an Ombudsman; yet it wasn’t always easy to see justice done; often fighting entrenched prejudice and bureaucracy within government agencies.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Hill was an influential scholar and writer, college president, teacher and historian. He founded and edited The Land We Love magazine with coverage on literature, history and agriculture; additionally serving as president at Arkansas Industrial University and Georgia Military and Agricultural College.

He was an outstanding carpenter, mason, and blacksmith; all valuable skills in early Santa Barbara where “manana” became synonymous with getting work done.

Hill obtained his BA at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania before going on to Howard University in Washington D.C, an historically black American university. Moving north in 1950, he studied sociology at University of Toronto.

Professional Career

Growing up in the western United States, Hill studied at Howard University before immigrating to Canada where he quickly rose as a prominent author and historian in black Canadian history. In 1981 he published his masterwork entitled: The Freedom Seekers: Blacks in Early Canada

Dr. Smith worked as both a social worker and civil servant before founding the Ontario Black History Society in 1984. That year he also was appointed Ombudsman for Ontario province.

Hill specializes in helping family offices and institutions make investments that fulfill their missions, drawing upon his thirty years of capital markets and banking experience to offer in-depth research and analysis, strategic advice regarding investment strategy, portfolio management and financial planning as well as being registered financial adviser. His clients include both college athletes as well as professional athletes.

Achievement and Honors

At Chills Productions, Hills has earned numerous acclaims for his film, television and theatre work. Alongside his older sister Brittany he co-founded Chills Productions together.

Hill was both the inaugural director and inaugural Black chair for Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), tirelessly working to make their office reflect Ontario’s changing reality, while creating an outreach program which continues today. These initiatives established an excellent legacy upon which our office continues to build.

Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus held its 2023 Honors Day program on April 19. Students who excelled academically and career-technically programs were recognized, with Jaylen Grays from Jackson taking home the Social & Behavioral Science award; Charlotte Lamar of Jackson taking home Literature honors; and Elijah Dustin Mangum of Florence receiving Journalism honors as some of their awards recipients.

Personal Life

He is deeply passionate about art and has shown his paintings throughout Oregon, Utah and Canada. Additionally, he provides guidance to both collegiate and professional athletes for peak performance through proper mechanics injury prevention fat loss sport/life specific training.

White Awake provides a pathway toward reconciliation and racial awakening by first exploring Biblical mandates of reconciliation before exploring historical roots of white supremacy. He leads River City Church in Chicago.

Hill is the son of May Edwards Hill, an honors graduate of Howard University and social worker. He is married to Donna Hill and they share two children. In 1995 he co-founded Daniel G. Hill & Associates as one of Canada’s first human rights consulting firms.

Net Worth

Hill has not only appeared in movies and TV shows but he is also involved with an expansive merchandising business. In 2023 he established Meaningful Existence lifestyle brand and markets it through YouTube where his alter ego Prophet Ezekiel Profit can be seen wearing an impressive beard and huge wig.

Hill has not only been acting, but has written and produced various films as well. Additionally, he voiced characters such as Green Lantern from Lego Movie franchise and Snotlout Jorgenson from How to Train Your Dragon series. Hill first gained widespread recognition with The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005); since then he has gone on to star in comedies such as Knocked Up, Evan Almighty, 21 Jump Street as well as serious dramas such as Maniac and The Book of Eli. Furthermore Hill has invested millions into various companies while owns properties worth millions.

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