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Hiter, Richard Allen, Passed Away on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Early Life and Education

Hiter was born in Virginia and attended Edinburgh University for his education. As an independent journalist he began writing articles before being elected into politics via the Liberal Democrat party at the 1926 general election for membership of the House of Commons – remaining there until 1928 when he became cabinet minister.

This BBC documentary’s talking heads – including Putzi Hanfstaengel, Adolf Galland (one of Germany’s premier fighter aces), Reinhard Spitzy, Ribbentrop’s private secretary; and Traudl Junger – make an overwhelmingly convincing argument that many ordinary Germans shared Hitler’s antisemitic plans against Jews and were only too willing to carry them out – thus offering an important counterweight against Daniel Goldhagen’s simplistic portrayals of “ordinary Germans.”

Personal Life

Richard Allen “Dick” Hiter passed away peacefully at Plano, Texas, on Tuesday morning July 2, 2019, at age 77. He was known as an outstanding husband, father, brother and uncle – not to mention serving for decades in the United States Air Force as a captain – leaving behind his beloved wife Martha Ayers Hiter of Plano; son Richard Allen Hiter II with Laura (Wisconsin); daughter Katherine Hiter Neill with Ken (Frisco, Texas), two grandkids in Jacob and Madison Hiter Neills as well as sisters Joan Hiter Koch and Jean Hiter Smith before his passing; parents Cleon Daniel and Bernice Ingram Hiter predeceased him on July 16, 2019 while Joan Hiter Koch and Jean Hiter Smith were taken from this life too early by their passings as well.

Net Worth

Estimates suggest that Hitler amassed a net worth estimated at over $300 billion at his death. His main sources of wealth included gold, diamonds and other precious metals that he amassed from war-ravaged countries across Europe. During World War II he also amassed millions worth of art, some of which was eventually taken back home with them by top Nazi officers; his personal assets were confiscated by Allied Forces while some assets passed to his half-sister Angela Raubal for inheritance purposes.

Hitler joined the Nazi Party in 1919 in order to express his beliefs – particularly anti-Semitism and nationalism – without compromise. Soon thereafter he rose through its ranks until becoming its leader and eventually leading it all the way into being Germany’s largest party.

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