Daniel Hurwitz

Interview With Daniel Hurwitz, CEO of SITE Centers

Hurwitz serves on the Board of Directors at Boscov’s Department Store Inc, as well as hosting a weekly political satire news segment on Joketellers Union show which streams live every Thursday at 7 p.m.

Before founding Raider Hill Advisors in 2011, Hurwitz spent 16 years at SITE Centers (formerly DDR Corp) serving in multiple executive capacities – including CEO since 2010. His extensive experience transforming public retail real estate businesses has forged this legacy of knowledge for Raider Hill Advisors today.

Early Life and Education

Leo Hurwitz moved to New York City in the early 1930s where he pursued his interests in art, photography and radical politics. At first he struggled to support himself and his wife Jane through art forms such as modern dancing (Jane had studied under Hanya Holme and Martha Graham).

Hurwitz joined the Workers Film and Photo League and soon became involved with its production work, filming the national hunger march of 1932 that he edited into Hunger 1932.

Hurwitz first appeared on television with America Applauds Richard Rodgers for NBC in 1951; however, due to the increasing influence of blacklisting in broadcasting he would no longer work for them and therefore spent his remaining decade working on Dialogue With A Woman Departed as his film project.

Professional Career

Hurwitz has amassed an extensive business acumen during his 35-year career, helping transform public and private real estate businesses across all aspects of real estate. He is widely respected for his ability to lead prudent investment and operational strategies that engender trust among institutional clients and investors, and create maximum value for all stakeholders.

Prior to founding Raider Hill Advisors, Hurwitz spent 16 years at SITE Centers (formerly DDR Corp), holding various executive roles. These included leading their leasing, development and property management departments as well as serving as CEO from 2010-15.

Hurwitz has held positions in corporate finance and real estate industries, including as senior vice president and director of real estate at Boscov’s Department Store; member of DDR, CubeSmart and Sonae Sierra Brasil SA Boards of Directors; trustee for Colgate University as well as chairing their Neurological Institute Leadership Council at Cleveland Clinic.

Achievement and Honors

Hurwitz served as CEO of SITE Centers (now DDR) from its inception. Under his guidance, key management positions were completely transformed, its balance sheet upgraded, liquidity improved and market credibility enhanced – as was market credibility with sell-side analysts and ratings agencies. Furthermore, he was integral in the acquisition of Boscov’s Department Store by SITE.

Outside the real estate world, Hurwitz holds several distinguished roles. He was honored to be elected chairman emeritus at Colgate University and inducted into its Athletic Hall of Honor. Additionally, he sits on various Boards such as Hopkins School in New Haven CT’s Board of Trustees as well as being on Weatherhead School of Management’s Visiting Committee at Case Western Reserve University as well as chairing its Leadership Board for Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute.

Hurwitz and Chazelle have enjoyed a close working relationship ever since working on “Whiplash”, and again for “La La Land.” Hurwitz serves on the boards of ICREIT, Brixmor Property Group and Ideal Dental and acts as an advisor for Edens and ShopCore Properties.

Personal Life

Hurwitz and his wife Jennifer are both survivors of uterine cancer; his two brothers also managed to beat skin cancer. Hurwitz works as a mathematician conducting research in combinatorial group theory as well as teaching mathematics for teachers at Skidmore’s education department.

Hurwitz currently sits on the Boards of Brixmor Property Group and Ideal Dental, while acting as advisor for Edens and ShopCore Properties. In 2019-2020 he will serve as Chairman of ICSC Board of Trustees while having previously served on their Board from 2013-2018.

His new position with Blackstone will allow him to continue his real estate career, which began at DDR in 1999. Since then, he has successfully transformed companies, established trust among investors and stakeholders, and created value for all parties involved.

Net Worth

Hurwitz took over as CEO of DDR Corp in early 2010 after 16 years at DDR and led it through its recovery following the economic recession. During his time, he oversaw efforts to rebuild it as well.

He has an exceptional record of turning public and private businesses in real estate around, successfully managing prudent investment strategies that build trust among institutional clients and investors, as well as creating value for all stakeholders involved.

Hurwitz also holds positions with Brixmor Property Group and Ideal Dental, acting as advisor for Edens and ShopCore Properties’ Boards of Directors and Governance Committees respectively. Furthermore, he was selected as 2019-2020 Chairman of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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