Daniel LaShelle

Daniel LaShelle

Daniel Laschelle is an American actor best known for his role in the film ‘How The West Was Won’. Additionally, he has made appearances in multiple other films and television shows. Daniel enjoys bouldering gym workouts as well as exploring DC’s food scene; additionally he’s an avid music enthusiast.

Early Life and Education

Dan was born in Geary County and raised in Junction City where his father owned the LaShelle Shoe Store. Although quiet and shy by nature, he lettered in football and track during high school while also ranking first scholastically.

After graduating high school, Dan attended Kansas University where he joined Sigma Chi fraternity. During World War II he served in the Pacific as a captain before he died at Lingayen Gulf on January 25, 1945.

Dan’s lifelong interests included ornithology and classical music. Additionally, he took great pride in Junction City history; one Filipino officer even reported back to Anna Jane several months after Dan had passed on that they often discussed Kansas, his family and Kansas University with Dan.

Professional Career

Lashelle has gained experience working in various offices, from medical to non-profit ones, with HR/Admin tasks. She currently serves as HR Generalist/Office Administrator of a non-profit organization where her duties range from scheduling and payroll processing. As an animal lover and language learner, Lashelle enjoys making time to spend eating out and hanging out with her cats!

Topeka, Kansas was his home, where he enjoyed many friends and relatives. Ornithology was his passion, conducting bird counts across Kansas for fun. Additionally, he was a Union Brother who loved classical music immensely.

Ohio State Highway Patrol reported his death, who was 52 years old, from a Saturday evening collision in Fairfield County.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel LaShelle is a celebrated teacher and author who has received multiple accolades over his career. He has published several books, as well as becoming an Honor Society Member himself, while serving as a consultant to various organizations.

He was honored with a Silver Star, awarded to soldiers who have shown extraordinary bravery against their enemy, as well as earning his Bachelor of Arts from Manhattan College.

He leaves behind his wife, son, daughter and sister; as well as his parents and half-brothers. His generous nature meant sending greeting cards on every holiday or special event; all who knew him will miss him dearly.

Personal Life

LaShelle was a longtime resident of Junction City and later Topeka, Kansas. An avid birder who conducted extensive bird counts across Kansas, he belonged to Sigma Chi fraternity as well as serving in WWII as part of his service commitments. Survivors included his daughter, brother and several relatives along with close friends that considered him close as well as classical music enthusiasts whom he considered close. Unfortunately he died tragically Saturday at 52 due to an Ohio State Highway Patrol report of his vehicle veering off a curve before overturning.

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