Daniel Lazare

Ingenico CEO Daniel Lazare

Early Life and Education

Lazare takes readers on an eye-opening tour through four hundred years of political philosophy. He shows how the Founding Fathers were deeply influenced by Tudor England and turn-of-the-century America, and shows how these outdated political philosophies limited Constitution’s political possibilities.

In his short book, he disproves myths surrounding herrenvolk republican ideology (a seemingly contradictory position that inspired Alex Jones’ 1776 will commence again slogan) and calls for several changes in electoral politics, including abolishing the Electoral College and mandating that presidential candidates run by popular vote; campaign finance reform; gun control/war powers reform reform and strengthening Congress roles are also part of his vision for political transformation.

While the book offers plenty of criticism, it falls short when it comes to offering any concrete suggestions on how to enact systemic reforms. His hopes for an intelligentsia-led political movement addressing issues like racial gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement and corporate lobbyist-influenced campaigns appear unrealistic in today’s climate.

Personal Life

He is best known as the author of an extremely provocative examination of the US Constitution entitled, The Frozen Republic. Additionally, he has contributed articles for publications like Harper’s and The Weekly Worker. Currently living in Manhattan.

He carefully navigates four centuries of Western political philosophy in this book, demystifying a Constitution which often restricts our democratic imagination and proposing that any new progressive movement must begin by challenging existing practices.

He presents several ideas to reform the US political system, such as abolishing electoral college and returning democracy to popular vote; reducing voter disenfranchisement through campaign finance reform; and giving war powers directly to Congress instead of executive branch. Unfortunately, his ideas seem to conform to social-democratic thinking by reforming rather than replacing current systems.

Net Worth

As of October 2018, Lazare earned a total compensation from his position with Ingenico of $4,277,230. Furthermore, Lazare held management roles at Eurotunnel and Air France while also serving on the board for Sextant Avionics of Thales – in total totalling his compensation at Ingenico came to $4,277,000230.

Lazare is best-known as the leader of the World Socialist Web Site, one of several fragments to emerge from Gerry Healy’s explosive collapse in 1985. Lazare has made headlines for propagating a conspiracy theory suggesting that top American Trotskyists were involved in Trotsky’s killing at Coyoacan, Mexico in 1940.

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