Daniel Lepore

Daniel Lepore

Daniel Lepore, as a Managing Director at PennantPark Investments LLC since 2021. His responsibilities include asset and fund financing as well as CLO formation and execution. Daniel was previously with ZAIS Group LLC before coming to PennantPark. Daniel currently resides in Poughkeepsie New York.

Early Life and Education

Kirsten Lepore is an animator and filmmaker specializing in stop-motion animation. Her works have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards; her first major work being “Sweet Dreams,” an animated short film which follows a cupcake’s journey into outer space.

Since graduating college, she has embarked on various creative projects. She has created short films which have garnered awards at festivals around the globe and premiered alongside “Bottle” and “Move Mountain.” Other noteworthy works of hers are “Bottle” and “Move Mountain”.

Barone-Lepore is married and enjoys raising her two sons, Luca and Luciano. Her life is filled with family, career and community involvement activities.

Professional Career

Daniel Lepore not only works at muk Haircare but also hosts educational seminars. Drawing his inspiration from fashion catwalks and magazines, Daniel uses them as commercial reality – coaching other hairdressers towards reaching new heights in their hairdressing careers.

Lepore was previously employed at ZAIS Group as the Managing Director of Liability Management, where his focus included asset and fund financing, private fund formation and execution, landscape maintenance services and cleaning. Furthermore, he established LCS Facility Group comprising LCS Landscapes and LCS Cleaning Services.

Barone-Lepore is a proud mother to Luciano, 4, and Luca, 2. She strives to balance family life, professional career and community engagement as one of five siblings herself; something which has helped her excel at doing.

Achievement and Honors

Lepore has earned Library Lion status, bestowed upon scholars whose works have had widespread influence. Her book These Truths, an expansive history of America published last year, earned this honor.

She asserts the democratic values of our nation at a time of harsh nationalism and climate crisis, when national borders seem irrelevant. While she notes the nation has often failed to live up to its declared values, she also credits it with producing major progressive achievements.

Her husband, Joe, and their two sons Joseph and Domenico jointly operate LCS Facility Group, a business that offers commercial cleaning and facilities management solutions. Since its launch in 1995, this venture has experienced rapid expansion; with offices all across America employing over 400 staffers.

Personal Life

Kirsten Lepore is an esteemed animator and director, known for her work on various films such as Bottle, Sweet Dreams, and Move Mountain. Additionally, she has collaborated on commercial projects.

She has been working on these projects for some time and has won widespread acclaim from across the world. A graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art and California Institute of the Arts.

This couple shares beautiful moments from their life together on social media. Recently, they celebrated Mother’s Day by sharing an emotional photo of their son on Instagram and their mutual affection is evident from captions they add. Together, they set an excellent example for their children.

Net Worth

At present, his estimated net worth ranges between $1 and $3 Million. As an esteemed director and animator whose works explore various themes worldwide, his success can be measured by their estimated $1 to $3 Million net worth.

LCS Facility Maintenance Inc, founded and run by him, specializes in cleaning and maintenance services and is one of the primary employers in Dutchess County following September 11. LCS’s services were integral in revitalizing local economies after September 11’s tragic events.

Kirsten Lepore, an animation artist who has contributed to projects like Bottle, Sweet Dreams and Move Mountain has won multiple awards for her work as has the couple themselves; additionally they co-wrote and guest directed an episode of Adventure Time entitled Bad Jubies together.

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