Daniel Lesser

Daniel Lesser

Dan Lesser brings over four decades of hospitality industry expertise in real estate valuation, investment counseling, asset management and receivership services. He serves on Penn State School of Hospitality Management’s Industry Advisory Board and was chosen as Fall 2015 Walter J. Conti Visiting Professor.

Daniel Lesser is a Pulmonologist at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego who helps children realize their full potential.

Early Life and Education

Daniel’s tale can be found in the Old Testament book named after him: Daniel the Prophet lived during Jewish captivity in Babylon and rose to prominence by interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams. A figure of deep piety and wisdom, Daniel became an example for those facing oppression within Jewish community.

Jealous rivals attempt to kill Daniel by throwing him into a den of lions, but an angel saves him and grants him high office by the king. Daniel then experienced visions depicting an end time when righteous will be vindicated and God’s kingdom established on earth; some Jewish rabbis believed Daniel was indeed their messiah figure.

Professional Career

Lesser provides consulting, valuation, investment counseling and transactional services for hotels and leisure real estate worldwide. He has over four decades of experience with hospitality appraisals, economic feasibility evaluations, investment counseling services, asset management programs, property receivership receivership receivership services as well as transactional services.

Dan has expertise providing valuation and advisory services to corporate, institutional, individual and municipal clients on all facets of hospitality real estate, from litigation support and expert testimony through site evaluation; highest and best use analysis to appraisals for mortgage, acquisition or portfolio management appraisals as well as market and feasibility analyses, workout strategies and operational analysis evaluations to strategic planning/franchise company selection / contract negotiations and strategic planning/franchise company selection agreements and negotiations.

Dan currently serves as Director of Operations for the Mayor’s Office of Housing of Boston. In this role he oversees daily management activities designed to further the neighborhoods in Boston by creating and advocating for both affordable and market rate housing, reimagining surplus real estate portfolio, promoting community development initiatives and helping low and moderate income Bostonians become and stay homeowners.

Achievement and Honors

He is an active member of the Massachusetts Bar, representing clients in numerous matters that involved high profile or stakes matters, including those with political implications or high public awareness. Additionally, he champions progressive causes – advocating for high speed rail links between eastern and western Massachusetts as well as sponsoring legislation for borrower rights, tourism/art funding/training funding as well as job training.

Lesser serves on numerous boards or advisory councils of leading organizations, such as the Center for Public Impact and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, as well as being a part of Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders. He is married to Alison Silber of Alison Silber Law Group in Atlanta and they have three children together.

Personal Life

Lesser has spent four years engaging in grassroots community organizing and chose Questrom University because of its mission for social change. Since arriving, Lesser has made an impactful statement regarding schools, immigrant rights, police-community relations and gang violence prevention issues in Massachusetts.

He brings more than four decades of experience to provide real estate valuation, economic feasibility analysis, investment counseling services, asset management and receivership of hotels, resorts, convention centers, spa & wellness properties and timeshare/fractional ownership properties in hospitality-related real estate investments. His knowledge is widely trusted and recognized by owners, lenders, investors and industry organizations as an authoritative and knowledgeable source.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and also studied at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland and Baruch College- City University of New York. Additionally, he is a member of the Appraisal Institute and has served as Court Appointed Receiver on numerous hotels nationwide.

Net Worth

Daniel Lesser makes an enormous sum from his acting career. Additionally, he works as a model and does brand endorsements that boost his earnings further. A health enthusiast, Daniel Lesser frequently visits the gym in order to maintain his physical wellbeing.

Daniel hails from an ideal family background and enjoys closeness with both of his parents, which are extremely supportive. There may even be siblings involved but this information remains unknown. Daniel professes Christianity religion.

Daniel Lesser currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million USD and enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle with his wife. His charming smile draws people closer, and he wears some of the top brands on the market.

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