Daniel Mazza

Daniel Mazza is a Family Medicine Specialist

Daniel Mazza is a family medicine specialist in Manchester, NH who currently practices at Catholic Medical Center as well as being affiliated with Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Valley Regional Hospital. Daniel accepts multiple insurance plans.

Danny studied politics and government at Arizona State University, working as a legal intern in Governor Jan Brewer’s office as well as possessing expertise in gift and estate taxation.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Mazza is an enrolled member of the Cahuilla Band of Indians and serves as secretary for tribal properties and entities, focusing on progress and sovereignty for his community. Additionally, he works on health and wellness programs throughout Indian Country as well as advocating for senior citizens with various certifications.

Mazza attended dental school at Marquette University and graduated with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Following this he served in the United States Air Force as a dental officer and worked at Keesler AFB, Biloxi Osan Aviano Travis AFB; additionally his well-known sculptures in terracotta would have made beautiful cabinet displays for art enthusiasts.

Professional Career

Daniel Mazza was a mechanical contractor for over thirty years and owned his business on Draper Street in Woburn. Additionally, he was also an artist who enjoyed working with unusual media – hosting an art camp to introduce students to wire sculpture and monster clay were among his passions.

He went on to attend law school at Arizona Summit and graduated in 2011. Now an attorney representing clients with Estate Planning and Probate issues throughout Arizona.

He loved spending his free time playing golf and skiing; he was a member of Hickory Hill Country Club in Andover and Indian Ridge Country Club in Methuen. Additionally, he loved travelling, visiting Italy, England, Ireland and Plum Island in New Hampshire among many other destinations.

Achievement and Honors

Mazza is widely respected for his expertise in gift and estate taxation. Additionally, he serves as trustee of several private and public foundations and is an active member of the State Bar of Arizona; additionally, he was previously Governor Jan Brewer’s intern.

Mazza was honored with ASTA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. As founder of American Marketing Group – consisting of three travel agency networks (TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and Affluent Traveler Collection) as well as digital publication Travel Market Report – Mazza received this accolade.

He is an award-winning sculptor who has taught art at both Bowling Green State University and Terra State Community College, receiving several accolades and awards, such as one from Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowship for his efforts.

Personal Life

Daniel Mazza is an active member of the Mountain Cahuilla tribe and works to ensure advancement and sovereignty for tribal property and entities. Additionally, he offers health and wellness coaching/training on several Southern California reservations – certified in twelve disciplines such as Tai Chi. Daniel has his master’s in Public Administration from UCLA.

Rising Stars of each state. His clients can vouch for him and the extraordinary results they achieve through him, including estate planning and probate matters. Based in East Woburn with Carmen as his wife, Brian enjoys traveling and skiing together while Carmen can provide caregiving duties in East Woburn while Brian benefits from their generosity and kindness to many friends in East Woburn and beyond.

Net Worth

As of May 22nd 2023, he had made 22 trades of MVB stock valued at over $14,090,351. Additionally, according to SEC filings he owned at least 4,108 units of MVBF.

He has an active social media presence with multiple Instagram and Twitter accounts, hosting weekly radio show with his wife to discuss pop culture news and entertainment trends.

At Maidstone Crown Court, Mazza was found guilty of stabbing David Gavin to death during a drink-fueled altercation, with the jury finding him guilty by unanimous verdict after two-week trial. Remanded into custody until sentencing on Tuesday; likely to receive life imprisonment given his prior record which includes burglary and robbery charges as well as an impressive total of 63 convictions against him.

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