Daniel Mole

Daniel Mole – A Qualified Journalist and University Graduate

Dan is a professionally certified journalist and university graduate, having joined Walsall Football Club since 2002 as media coordinator. In this capacity he manages their media department.

He serves on the FA’s disciplinary board and advocates for greater self-detection of melanoma. Additionally, he’s a member of the Public Melanoma Education Foundation which advocates for earlier diagnosis.

Early Life and Education

He spent much of his childhood helping out on jobsites with his father. On Saturday mornings, he would assist with operating and servicing different kinds of equipment – something which taught him valuable skills for later use in his professional career.

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Professional Career

Dan is an active contributor to various industry associations. He has an in-depth knowledge of trenchless technology, having worked directly with many equipment manufacturers. Growing up with his father at jobsites and maintenance shops as a child, climbing onto machinery eagerly and helping mechanics was something Dan relished doing himself.

He was an integral member of the team that pioneered numerous groundbreaking trenchless installation methods, earning multiple awards for their dedication and expertise.

Dan’s participation in Netflix’s reboot of The Mole earned him newfound attention. The show features teams of players competing against one another while one member works secretly to undermine fellow competitors and undermine them as part of an elaborate scheme to win money and power. Dan was an exceptional performer on this series, throwing shade and leaving unmissable hints behind that made an impressionable impression upon all participants involved.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Mole has received several prestigious honors throughout his career. These include winning a 2022 Texas A&M Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching and the 2020 McGraw-Hill ALEKS All-Star Educator of the Year award from McGraw-Hill ALEKS ALEKS All-Star. Furthermore, he has served on various university committees, such as Faculty Senate, Academic Professional Track Faculty Committee and University Discipline Appeals Panels.

Mole has also participated in educational outreach activities, such as judging science fairs and competitions. Not only has he judged local and national science competitions but has even served as the Department of Chemistry mascot at A&M!

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Personal Life

Dan Levy is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and has participated in various projects relating to advocacy. He was featured on OUT Magazine’s annual list of most influential LGBTQ+ leaders (Out 100) as well as receiving HRC Visibility Award recognition.

At his core is Emily VanCamp, his long-term partner and mother to his two children. Additionally, he’s a skilled cinematographer having contributed his expertise on numerous films.

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Net Worth

Dan has always had an instinctively caring nature which he carried into adulthood. From comforting his sick grandmother, to using paper route earnings to assist a fellow student who needed financial aid. And later as a teen he paid for one from Russia to attend summer camp!

He is also a well-known YouTube personality with over 12.8 million subscribers and more than 245 million views to his channel. He regularly uploads amusing short videos to share, and hosts two popular podcasts: DC & Helwani with Ryan Clark and Ariel Helwani respectively.

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