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Dan Natchez

Pre-1730 documents of Natchez society are fragmentary and uncertain, with John R. Swanton’s 1911 study on its social structure being the best-known examination. Subsequent researchers have often cast doubt upon aspects of Swanton’s model. Dan Natchez is President of DSN&A, an international firm which specialises in designing, developing, master planning and operating marina resorts worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was born and educated at Natchez-Adams High School before attending Mississippi State University to earn his degree in architecture. Soon after graduation he married Janet Cole Havard and began their family together; two daughters soon followed; Meggie and Selah being welcomed soon after as Meggie and Selah’s arrivals were also part of this grandparent-and-father duo! Dan always put family first; making being their primary focus an honorary position he held with honesty and integrity as Ward Six alderman representing this community with honesty while advocating for safer structures, improved infrastructure as well as fair compensation of first responders as well as fiscal responsibility of city government.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel has received numerous honors for his work on historic properties and restoration projects across Mississippi, winning both the Preservation Craftsman Award from the Mississippi Historical Society as well as receiving a Heritage Award of Merit for Monmouth Plantation’s rehabilitation. Additionally, he is known for directing artistic programs that enhance life for residents throughout Mississippi.

Mississippi College, where he is studying for his master’s degree in vocal performance and pedagogy. Recent engagements include debut performances as Ugo in Jake Landau’s Pieta at Narnia Vocal Arts Festival as well as Marcello from La boheme with Light Opera New Jersey.

Dan is deeply dedicated to his hometown of Natchez and has worked tirelessly to build it up as a stronger community. By adhering to his motto “We Can”, he has set Natchez on its path toward renewal and greatness.

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