Daniel Portal

Daniel Portal

Early Life and Education

Daniel Portal is an historian of modern European history with an expertise in transnational movements and organizations such as socialists, anarchists, pacifists, anti-racist campaigners and student activists. His publications on these subjects can be found in journals like English Historical Review, Social History and Journal of Modern European History; additionally his work has resulted in funded research projects (joint with Georgina Brewis from UCL Institute of Education) as well as collaborations with historians from Belgium, Britain Germany and the Netherlands.

“He is the author of several books, such as “The Changing World of Higher Education” and “An International History of Students”. He holds both a BA from University of North Texas and MA from Stanford University; is married to another historian and has three children.”

Achievement and Honors

Dan was recognized for his hard work when he was accepted into Tufts University’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). Since then he has worked as a research assistant on Johns Hopkins’ CLEAR III and MISTIE clinical trials, as well as studying Notch signaling’s role in quiescence and maturation of olfactory neural stem cells at Tufts.

As a student, he has served on the PORTAL leadership team and participated in two retreats at Camp SOAR, a weekend summer camp for teens who have received solid organ transplants. Additionally, he enjoys playing squash and tennis, fly fishing and spending time with family and friends.

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