Daniel Qi

Daniel Qi – Actor and Director

Daniel Qi is an academic researcher at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology specializing in Dielectrics & Capacitors. He has published over 30 papers and 10 US patents. Additionally, Daniel previously worked at General Electric and Wilmington University before turning his talents towards violin performance, winning various competitions in Delaware as an amateur violinist.

Early Life and Education

Qi made his mark as a playwright by adapting classical Chinese dramas for stage performance. Working alongside Mei Lanfang – one of China’s greatest actors – they produced several highly successful plays together.

At Hamilton College in Clinton, New York he earned a bachelor’s degree in history before working in finance and ski patrolling before earning a medical degree from Robert Larner College of Medicine at University of Vermont.

Skiing and hiking are his two primary pastimes in his free time, along with spending time with family and his rescue dog. Additionally, he plays violin – winning first place at Delaware Concerto Competition for Young Musicians last year! Additionally, he’s currently working on a project at Khvorova lab that explores chemical modifications of oligonucleotides for potential therapeutic uses.

Professional Career

Daniel has worked on various high-tech projects during his career. He has published multiple technical papers, received 10 US patents in chip design, data processing and AI applications and organized international technical conferences.

He has managed large software engineering teams both in the US and China, which taught him to manage across cultural and language barriers.

Candace Daniel has made her mark as a violinist by winning competitions such as the Delaware Concerto Competition for Young Musicians and track and field events, earning several accolades such as Estella Hillersohn Frankel Violin Scholarship Award. Additionally, Candace Daniel has worked at State Farm Vp Management Corp since 2022 – see the profiles of professionals named Candace Daniel on LinkedIn here.

Personal Life

Daniel has an avid interest in history, culture and language that led him to explore recreational drug culture during his youth. Traveling extensively around the globe has given him a deep respect for diverse cultures and traditions from across the globe.

He and Snow Reid live together in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she owns her own health spa. Together, they offer personal health consulting and training for Chi Gung body movement, professional massage therapy services, ear candle treatments, body brushing sessions, electro-regenesis energy work as well as Snow’s multidimensional water heart/fire hand healing energy work.

Candace Daniel has created a business profile on LinkedIn. She serves as both a Licensed Practical Nurse with Amedisys, and as Polymer Physical and Surface Chemistry Expert on their advisory team for State Farm Investment Management Corp.

Net Worth

Daniel Qi has made his mark in acting since 1998 and has become an established name within the industry. Additionally, he is also widely-renowned for directing movies; his first directed project being The Heavenly Kings which won him a Hong Kong Film Award.

He is also a freelance writer who has written for various journals and magazines such as Jacobin, Atlantic CityLab and Philadelphia City Paper. Additionally, he has made radio and TV appearances to discuss his articles.

Recently, he has made numerous trades of Domo stock over the past four years, amassing 26400 shares worth $2,073,748 on 6 July 2023 and substantially increasing his net worth. Currently a lead independent director at Domo.

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