Daniel Raedel

CU Boulder Alumnus: Daniel Raedel

Psychologists Sally Lowell and Daniel Raedel collaborate well, co-creating CU Boulder’s inaugural psychoeducational workshop on gender affirming care.

Daniel encourages his clients to bring a creative element into each session by drawing or painting with water as artistic media.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Raedel was raised in New Jersey with his family and grandparents. His mother worked as a secretary while his father served in the Navy; while his grandfather was a farmer. Raedel attended Lyons High School before going on to study accounting in college.

He then created a YouTube channel where he would upload gaming videos, beginning with some CS:GO content and eventually branching out into game development with Unity – also posting regular devlog videos on his channel.

At the University of Colorado Boulder, he collaborates closely with Sally Lowell, a clinical psychologist specializing in transgender health care. Together they have created an interactive workshop designed to serve as a one-stop resource for students’ mental health and wellness needs – which makes accessing traditional medical services less intimidating for L.G.B.T.Q. students who prefer virtual sessions.

Professional Career

As other classmates were retreating into their homes during the pandemic, Daniel Raedel was outside planting vegetables on his POC-owned homestead farm with its mission of community and nutrition promotion. Additionally, Daniel integrates art therapy practices by encouraging his clients to draw during therapy sessions; teaching techniques like dripping water on skin to connect more closely to themselves.

At CU Boulder’s Transgender Care Team, he specializes in gender identity and sexuality issues. Alongside Sally Lowell, they offer psychoeducational workshops and advocacy services for students on various topics relating to transgender care – this partnership has been running since 2015! In addition, they co-created a transgender care guide specifically geared toward students.

Achievement and Honors

Alumnae from CU Boulder are making waves both professionally and within their communities. Aimee Daramus, Psy.D ’01 in Counseling Psychology from Chicago Campus has written her first book Understanding Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Families while Kelli Palfry, Ph.D ’11 from Vancouver Campus is an established trauma therapist with recently released Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse as her debut work.

Raedel has managed to keep his farm thriving despite the pandemic by employing resourcefulness. He’s found novel uses for everything from restaurant equipment he acquired for free online to old bathtubs for washing produce – as well as offering employment to his neighbors.

Personal Life

Daniel Raedel struggled with anxiety and depression during the pandemic. To find comfort, he took refuge on his farm where he could spend quiet time alone with himself while reconnecting to nature. Now using his art skills to assist young people make sense of their lives he encourages students to bring pen and paper for therapeutic doodle sessions as well as suggesting trying dripping water onto skin as a means of connecting to themselves physically.

Daniel’s homestead farm is a POC-owned small-scale urban farm where he cultivates spinach, microgreens, carrots, turnips, beets, and radishes. For orders placed through Instagram using Direct Message pickup services or COVID-19 tours he also uses restaurant equipment found free online as well as old bathtubs to wash his produce – evidence of his resourceful approach!

Net Worth

George Andrew Riedel reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $840,000 and serves as Chairman of Infinera, having executed more than 12 trades of INFN stock over the last seven years according to SEC Form 4 filings. On 1 June 2023 he exercised 10,848 INFN units worth $601,717 which gave him total value exceeding this figure. Furthermore, George is CEO of New Context which offers systems architecture services designed to optimize, secure, and scale enterprises.

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