Daniel Scolnick

Daniel Scolnick – Partner at Goodwin LLP

Daniel Scolnick is a partner at Goodwin where his practice includes intellectual property law services like strategic patent prosecution and counseling, licensing arrangements, developing therapeutic exclusivity strategies, due diligence support services and transactional assistance for pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies ranging from startups to midsize enterprises. His clients include startup biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms alike.

Achievement and Honors

Scolnick has been widely recognized throughout his professional career for his exceptional accomplishments and was honored as recipient of the 2023 Scolnick Prize presented by McGovern Institute for Advanced Neurological Research.

His scientific publications cover molecular biology and cell-based technologies, while he has contributed to the advancement of anticonvulsant compounds by synthesizing various compounds and testing them on animal models.

Daniel M. Scolnick currently works at City of Los Angeles, CA where his current title is Senior Planning Deputy. He has been with this company for seven years after previously working for one other organization. You may know him by various names such as Dan K Scolnick, D Daniel or Dan B Scolnick and resides at 67 Crosby Str, Sayville NY 11782-1801 with two children.

Net Worth

Due to his extensive education and impressive achievements in legal practice, he has amassed significant wealth. Additionally, his rich family life probably serves as an endless source of motivation throughout his demanding professional journey.

His clients include startup and midsize pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, venture capital groups, and Fortune 500 companies. He offers intellectual property assistance in various aspects of intellectual property law such as strategic patent prosecution and counseling, licensing agreements, developing therapeutic exclusivity strategies, due diligence processes and providing transactional support services.

He has made 39 transactions in Myriad Genetics Inc stock during the last 17 years, according to SEC Form 4 filings. As of 1 June 2023, he owned 8,638 units worth $669,349. Additionally, he served as an independent director and helped oversee its production of vitamins and supplements.

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