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Dan Snay, Level 3 Sex Offender and Lottery Winner, Faces Charges of Rape and Sexual Assault

Daniel Snay, an Uxbridge Level 3 sexual offender and lottery winner, is facing charges that he sexually abused a teen for an extended period of time. According to police investigation reports, Snay would give expensive gifts as inducements to remain silent, spending time together in his camper van.

Early Life and Education

WORCESTER — When Daniel Snay won $10 million in Massachusetts state lottery last year, he didn’t seem like the kind of sexual offender likely to return to crime. Instead he donned a suit, drove a truck and worked at Certified Sales Inc. of Mendon as a boat dealership employee.

He also carries an extensive criminal history, with convictions for raping children of different ages and multiple convictions for indecent assault and battery. Additionally, he has been designated as a Level 3 sexual offender, meaning they have been determined as most likely to reoffend in future incidents.

Snay is charged with multiple offenses against minors including sexual assault, indecent assault and battery, enticement of minors and dissemination of pornographic materials to them. He has been placed under $5 Million bail pending his court proceedings in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Uxbridge police are working closely with authorities from those states on this investigation.

Professional Career

Snay, who had been charged with sexually abusing children over several years, won $10 Million from the lottery in 2008. In 2008 he was arrested on allegations of sex offending and disseminating pornography to children under 18.

Police in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut are working together on this case and investigating its allegations of child abuse by this individual.

At a bail review hearing, the judge reduced Snay’s bail from $5 Million to $500,000 after his defense attorney objected to such a high sum. Snay is charged with raping a young boy, enticing her, and providing sexual material to minors; his maximum sentence could reach 84 years behind bars.

Achievement and Honors

Snay’s lottery winnings may have helped facilitate his crimes; authorities believe Snay used some of it for sexually assaulting children over multiple years and showing the boy pornography, among other crimes. Uxbridge police are working closely with investigators from Connecticut and Rhode Island as some alleged incidents may have taken place there as well.

Snay is accused of sexually assaulting his victim multiple times over time, beginning when they were only 10 and continuing until he reached his teens. Police allege he used lottery winnings to purchase ATVs and live in a camper near their home.

JVS has long been recognized for its innovative programs and responsiveness during crises – such as when waves of immigrants from Soviet Russia arrived in California in the 1970s and early ’90s. Snay served as executive director until her retirement in 2009.

Personal Life

On Friday morning in court, Uxbridge Level 3 sexual offender Daniel Snay pled not guilty to allegations of rape and sexual assault on a child under 16 by police. Police allege this abuse occurred between 8-14 years of age.

Snay, 62 years old and a lottery winner himself with $10 Million winnings from lottery sales, is facing up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. According to police reports, Snay used some of his winnings from that lottery draw to lure in and abuse one victim for four years, purchasing toys and even two all-terrain vehicles as gifts, according to police reports.

Beth Bresnahan, Executive Director of the Lottery, explained that while Snay would still receive his prize money from winning the lottery, future payments of $500,000 annual installments will no longer be due him until he is charged and convicted for crimes he allegedly committed. As Bresnahan stated, background checks on winners are conducted.

Net Worth

In 2008, he won a $10 Million lottery jackpot by purchasing a scratch-off lottery ticket and receiving annual payments until 2027.

Authorities believe he used some of his winnings to lure a boy and sexually abuse him for four years, lavishing gifts such as two all-terrain vehicles upon him. Snay, 62, of Uxbridge, Massachusetts was previously charged with child molestation during the 1970s and 1980s and registered as a Level 3 sexual offender.

Lottery officials state they cannot withhold winnings unless someone owes back taxes or child support payments, but Snay seems unwilling to learn his lesson based on his spending patterns and plans to sue as well as being accused of using his winnings to commit crimes. His lawyer reports countless instances in which lottery winners were accused of misusing winnings to commit criminal activity with their winnings.

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