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Artist Profile – Daniel Terna

Daniel Terna uses photography and videography to explore relationships, often looking inward at his family and the influence of his Holocaust survivor father. He holds degrees in photography from Bard College and ICP-Bard; codirecting 321 Gallery in Brooklyn as co-director; his works have been shown at Jack Barrett, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (NY), Foley Gallery (LA), MoMA PS1 (New York) as well as Baxter Street Camera Club of NYC among many others.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Terna discovered in 2012 that the basement of his parents’ brownstone in Brooklyn could serve as an art gallery space. Working alongside his girlfriend Tara Ramadan (now 321gallery Director) and Tom Forkin as partners in business, Daniel founded what would eventually become 321gallery.

Fred Terna was a Holocaust survivor and painter. For two years he lived in Theresienstadt – part of Auschwitz-Birkenau complex – as a labor camp, transit center, ghetto and transit center; also interned at Auschwitz itself and Kaufering Concentration Camp in Germany.

Terna uses photography as his medium for exploring familial and inherited trauma, using autobiographical narratives combined with tourist’s approaches to exploring locations like nature, memorials, cities, personal archives or the body itself. Architectural layers or barriers, or items blocked by compositional framing allegorize our blind spots as individuals versus collectives.

Professional Career

Daniel Terna’s photographic work explores relationships and memory through commercial, documentary and surveillance photography as well as architectural layers to reveal overlooked physical and social landscapes. Barriers or items blocked by compositional framing serve to symbolize what we may not notice due to personal choices or perspectives.

His work is informed by personal and family narratives as well as the impact of his father’s experience as a Holocaust survivor. His works have been featured in select group shows at Jack Barrett Gallery; Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts; Foley Gallery; LY; MoMA PS1 and International Center of Photography-Bard, with residencies at UnionDocs and Outpost Artist Resources as well. Lastly he codirects 321 Gallery located in Brooklyn.

Terna was interviewed by second year MFA students from ICP-Bard about his approach, influences and inspirations as well as how he transitioned from photography to video production.

Achievement and Honors

Terna has participated in group exhibitions at Jack Barrett Gallery (New York); Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts; Galeria Breve (Mexico City, MX); Foley Gallery; MoMA PS1; International Center of Photography; and New Wight Biennial (UCLA). Additionally he received two fellowship programs: UnionDocs Collaborative Fellowship Program in Brooklyn and Outpost Artist Resources Cuts and Burns Residency at Ridgewood.

He has had work published in The New York Times, Apartamento, Pin-Up, Oxford American and Buffalo Zine among others. Additionally, he co-founded and directs 321 Gallery in Brooklyn where he holds both an MFA from ICP-Bard and BA from Bard College; currently living in Brooklyn while being represented by LY at 1501 S Alameda Street Suite D in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Terna, a Brooklyn-based photographer and visual artist, often finds his inspiration close to home by photographing his immediate surroundings. His works also explore his personal history – such as that of Fred Terna himself who survived both World Wars.

His short film My First Wife Stella utilizes Kodachrome slide pictures taken during their 1967 road trip through Central California by both father and first wife to drive and structure its narrative.

Terna and Tara Ramadan, gallerists themselves, founded 321 Gallery in Brooklyn with the purpose of showcasing emerging talent through solo shows of NYC debut artists as well as other events such as screenings and discussions. Furthermore, 321 Gallery gives back to its community through arts education outreach initiatives.

Net Worth

Terna currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 Million, the result of income generated from his various businesses and investments as well as from acting. He lives an opulent life with his wife and kids in New York City where they own multiple properties including their house, a BMW car and bank accounts and other assets; additionally he co-owns 321 Gallery in Brooklyn as well as participating in numerous group exhibitions including MoMA PS1 (New York), Foley Gallery; International Center of Photography at Bard College and Baxter Street Camera Club Brooklyn among many others.

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