Daniel Theobald

Bio of Daniel Theobald

Daniel Theobald has decades of experience leading research scientists and engineers to produce cutting-edge technology. With 27 issued patents and more pending, he co-founded Vecna Robotics which is an industry leader for autonomous solutions for logistics and service industries; also co-founding MassRobotics which works towards global advancement of robotics.

Early Life and Education

Theobald was born and raised in Silicon Valley with an appreciation of technology. While attending a top computer science school in California, teachers encouraged him to explore artificial intelligence – leading him to be named California’s top computer science student and being awarded with state honors as top computer student. At MIT he met Deborah Theobald – also a mechanical engineering student. Her dream was becoming an astronaut; together they began Vecna Robotics shortly thereafter.

Vecna has filed several patents and created inventions including logistics automation, telepresence and haptics. As one of the leading robotics suppliers worldwide with thousands of their products deployed globally. Vecna Cares and Mass Robotics both serve as non-profit 501(c)3 charities dedicated to using transformative technology to help others.

Professional Career

Daniel Theobald brings with him an impressive background in aerospace engineering. Having held positions with multiple companies including Boeing Corporation, Daniel has an in-depth knowledge of design processes. Furthermore, he possesses expertise across numerous technologies such as mechanical, electrical and software design processes.

Vecna Robotics, an industry leader in autonomous material handling and workflow automation solutions, is led by its CEO who boasts decades of experience leading research scientists and teams of engineers to develop groundbreaking technology resulting in over 67 issued patents with many more pending.

He is passionate about harnessing technology to provide aid for people all over the globe. This passion can be seen in his work at Vecna Robotics and MassRobotics; where he believes strongly in collaboration and roundtable discussions.

Achievement and Honors

Vecna Technologies employees rate their executive team an average grade of C-, signalling discontent with its performance.

She is the author of three full-length poetry collections – Salad Days, Kokomo and What My Hair Says About You – as well as three chapbooks: Boost House Press Edna Poems and eraser poems by H_ngm_n Books. Her poetry has appeared in publications such as jubilat, HTML Giant Volta Hobart Review The Atlas Review among others.

Personal Life

Daniel Theobald currently resides in Victor, New York with his wife and two children. He is an active member of DeSoto First Baptist Church as well as having numerous nieces and nephews.

Vecna Technologies is a logistics automation firm and manufacturer of telepresence robots, founded by Heiner-Dieter Vecna. Additionally, he co-founded Vecna Cares and Mass Robotics which are both non-profit organizations.

Theobald has served on NASA’s Astronaut Selection Committee and been honored with multiple fellowships. His long history of civic involvement includes over 100,000 hours of community service. This work has been recognized with various awards and accolades; moreover, Theobald holds several patents related to robotics; has participated in humanitarian projects; and strives to enhance lives around the globe.

Net Worth

Daniel has built his net worth through investing in various projects. He is the founder of Vecna Robotics and co-founder of MassRobotics, an organization dedicated to the global advancement of robotics. Daniel also serves on the Board of Directors for I-Minerals as well as London/TSX royalty company High Peak Royalties Ltd – his experience includes exploration, business development, operations and investments; in Africa specifically concerning gold/base metal deposits including sedimentary copper. Daniel holds a BSc degree from Nottingham University as well as being chartered engineer engineer engineer engineer engineer engineer chartered engineer status.

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