Daniel Thorson

Daniel Thorson Revealed After 75 Days of Silent Retreat

Daniel Thorson, host of Emerge podcast and staff member of Monastic Academy in Vermont, was taken aback when he emerged after 75 days in seclusion to discover that much had transpired since he had last left his cabin – such as an outbreak of coronavirus infection, political upheaval and widespread protests over police brutality.

Early Life and Education

Thorson is an academic who investigates the intersection between contemplative practice, adult development and trauma healing, systems design and systems collapse – when well-organised societies suddenly disintegrate – and contemplative practice. He has written about this phenomenon extensively as well as hosting an Emerge podcast series dedicated to it.

On March 13, when Irish schools closed for Easter break, he entered his period of isolation. By the time he emerged again on April 4, his world had transformed – coronavirus pandemic had spread and social distancing had begun.

His initial encounter with the outside world was at a petrol station with people coming and going wearing shorts. At first he felt safe; then he noticed other people’s eyes darting around as they passed him by; it soon dawned on him that he’d been left behind and felt as if someone were missing him.

Professional Career

Thorson joined a record number of first-year students welcomed to Rochester Institute of Technology this year – but in an unusual manner. A philosophy major, he went on a 75-day silent retreat in northern Vermont this spring – according to The New York Times.

Thorson began his retreat just as the coronavirus pandemic was spreading and just prior to nationwide protests against police brutality that began following George Floyd’s death. While alone in isolation, he read books on 1,000-year-old texts and meditated.

He currently resides at the Monastic Academy and hosts the Emerge podcast to examine how inner and outer transformation are intertwined. Additionally, he helped organize Occupy Wall Street movement as well as work with Buddhist Geeks, an organization which promotes technology as a source of enlightenment.

Achievement and Honors

Coach Johnson has mentored athletes that have won 47 conference championships, four national runner-up finishes and 37 individual and relay All-American honors – earning him both the University of Mary Distinguished Faculty Award as well as induction into the North Dakota Track and Cross Country Hall of Fame.

Thorson has undertaken research on how people process news and advertising, with particular focus on the evolutionary aspect of these processes. She has published over 30 papers in these areas with funding from multiple organizations.

Sherwyn has long been an ardent supporter of Mines students and has been active on campus, participating in undergraduate research, serving as a teacher’s assistant for Honors programs, and supporting Drillbotics teams.

Personal Life

Daniel Thorson is the creator of Emerge: Making Sense of What’s Next podcast and part of a Buddhist monastic academy in Vermont. Additionally, he worked at Occupy Wall Street and Boulder Flood Relief campaigns before founding a mindfulness education company.

Thorson is an enthusiastic public speaker on topics of leadership, spirituality and mindfulness practice. His latest venture involves creating a community of “wisdom institutions” to enable transformation. He draws his work from both personal experience as well as research from ancient and modern wisdom traditions; specifically he believes we need new archetypes of wisdom leadership — think “philosopher kings” or warriors — rather than traditional monks to fill this role – something he regularly discusses via podcast and blog.

Net Worth

Daniel Thorson did not anticipate how much he would miss while engaging in his voluntary physical and memetic self-quarantine in Vermont for 75 days, until upon returning to society in May he found himself overwhelmed by all that had occurred during that period of isolation. Co-host of Emerge podcast Emerge podcast Emerge’s 33 year old co-host found himself overwhelmed by everything that had taken place over that time period.

He found himself overwhelmed by an increase in coronavirus cases, nationwide lockdowns and protests of police brutality that included George Floyd’s death jogging alone. Additionally, he realized he had missed an extensive online dialogue.

Thorson keeps his personal life private, not dating at this time and preferring to remain single until he feels ready for another chapter in life. Although, he does have past relationships which he prefers keeping quiet about.

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