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Daniel Towle – Physical Education Teacher at St James Regional School

Daniel Towle is President of CICA, the premier global, domicile-neutral captive insurance association. In addition, he served as Director of Financial Services for Vermont for 17 years as well as being one of the industry leaders during this period. Outside the office he enjoys sports, reading and board games – among many other hobbies!

Early Life and Education

Daniel Towle is a Physical Education teacher at St. James Regional, where he blends his passions for both teaching and sports in his daily work with students. A Master’s graduate from Canisius College, Daniel has taught Physical Education here for more than 14 years – each day sharing his love of health and fitness with them!

Arthur Towle was born in Sibsey, Lincolnshire. His first gig as a clown/sidekick with comedian Will Pepper was in music hall; later he married Kitty McShane (stage name Kitty McShane) and performed as drag act Old Mother Riley alongside her.

Dr. Daniel Towle has over four decades of experience and practices at Anesthesiology Specialists of Overland Park. He accepts multiple insurance plans.

Professional Career

As a teacher at St. James Regional School, Towle combines his love for fitness and education into each day of teaching physical education classes.

Starting his career in 3D software design, he then earned a medical degree with honors from Dartmouth Medical School before moving on to complete a residency program in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

He was one of the primary forces behind launching CICA NEXTGen initiative in 2019, initially as a task force within CICA and now as an official committee within their association. Towle hopes this program will foster talent while expanding knowledge about captive insurance among future generations.

Achievement and Honors

As well as his professional achievements, Towle has also given back to the community through numerous charitable activities. His foundation provides safe housing for 20 AIDS-inflicted orphans in Lesotho Africa while simultaneously sponsoring free clinics and housing projects for needy people in Leawood Kansas where Towle hails from.

He recently became President of the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA), replacing Dennis Harwick. As president, he brings with him his passion and education for captive insurance to continue driving industry growth.

He is married with two children. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports; particularly Buffalo Bills and Notre Dame football! Additionally he works as an enthusiastic physical education teacher with the goal of shaping students minds and bodies alike.

Personal Life

Daniel Towle lives in an idyllic house in Fort Collins and enjoys playing board games and watching sports. As a physical education teacher, Daniel shares his enthusiasm for health and fitness with his students each day.

He has ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, two sisters – Dorothy Weir and Regina Sebree – as well as one brother named Tom Towle.

According to public records, Daniel Towle is likely married to Marilyn K Towle and they have lived together in at least five different locations over time. At 75 years old he presently resides at 925 Columbia Rd Unit 834 Fort Collins CO while previously having resided at 8847 E McDowell Rd Phoenix Arizona as part of their life together. Additionally he belongs to the AARP as well as having connections with Peter Towle and Chrissy Towle.

Net Worth

At an early age, Towle became obsessed with dumpster diving and redesigning broken gadgets and toys from dumpsters, even making a little money by designing props for television shows and movies. Through these experiences he honed his skills and eventually saved enough money to start Gotham Garage.

Car restoration business allowed him to become increasingly well-known, which led him to being featured on Netflix show ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’. The show highlights Towle and his team as they renovate and restore vehicles for massive profits.

His estimated net worth stands at approximately $1.2 Million and is steadily building his legacy, and is set to become an everyday household name within a matter of time. Towle currently dates Kandace Nilos.

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