Daniel Vermillion

Daniel Vermillion, Partner at Farella Braun + Martel

Daniel Vermillion offers high-net-worth individuals and family businesses estate planning advice. He designs strategies to transfer wealth between generations while mitigating income, gift and property tax consequences.

Erich Vermillion, the oldest of three Vermillion brothers, spent many years managing lodges both domestically and abroad before teaming up with Jeff and Pat Vermillion to establish Sweetwater Travel.

Early Life and Education

The Vermillions need assistance covering medical bills, home repairs and living expenses while Daniel recovers in hospital from fractured femur, broken clavicle (2 places), brain trauma as well as facial and head injuries.

Dan fell in love with fly fishing at an early age while growing up along Yellowstone River, and has spent decades managing fishing lodges around the globe. Together with his brothers Pat and Jeff, he owns Sweetwater Travel Company which operates fly fishing camps in Alaska, Argentina, Chile, Brazil Montana Mongolia among many other exotic locales.

He returned to active service as part of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm to manage Foreign Military Sales for coalition military forces fighting to liberate Kuwait. Throughout his service in this capacity he distinguished himself both in combat and noncombat tours across the Middle East.

Professional Career

Vermillion provides wealth transfer and estate plans for clients with extensive wealth, but also provides assistance for those with lesser means. He has assisted winery owners and large land holders through succession planning strategies so that any changes in management or ownership do not create income, estate gift and property tax consequences.

Vermillion brothers Dan, Jeff, Pat, and Ron Meek first formed Sweetwater Travel together with his guide school offering courses in entomology, fisheries biology, hydrology, client interaction and drift boat and raft rowing. Conservation is integrated into all aspects of study by these brothers who stand firm against any actions that undermine natural resources that their businesses depend on.

Achievement and Honors

Vermillion’s dedication to conservation has resulted in the creation of a successful fly fishing and travel business, shaping fish and wildlife administration, and the implementation of taimen conservation programs in Mongolia. From his quest for world’s greatest trout to supporting Sweetwater Travel’s Taimien Conservation Fund or working to ensure steelhead fishing remains sustainable sport, no stone remains unturned when it comes to his commitment.

Daniel was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He has always had an affinity for art and enjoys drawing during free time at CIRCLE Academy-Vermilion, with teachers supporting and encouraging his natural inclination. Drawings and character stories become an expression of himself while meeting some language requirements.

Personal Life

Dan Vermillion is married and has two children. His hobbies include golfing and fly fishing – activities he’s enjoyed since traveling over 20 countries!

He is a member of the California Bar Association and was selected for Rising Stars from 2017 – 2019. He helps clients with estate planning and probate matters.

Jeff Vermillion, the middle brother, hails from Montana and has guided internationally in places such as Argentina, Ecuador and Mongolia. He has an avid passion for big fish fishing experiences.

Pat Vermillion, born and raised in Billings, Alaska has guided for 13 seasons now in Alaska’s remote wilderness areas. He loves deep powder fishing and is an avid sportsman.

Net Worth

Farella Braun + Martel partner Vermillion provides advice to high-net-worth individuals requiring complex wealth preservation strategies and vehicles, working closely with clients on designing and implementing strategies for family business succession, changes in management or ownership of wineries and large landholdings, income, estate gift and property tax implications and estate preservation planning strategies. In 2015 he was honored as one of North Bay Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 honorees.

Dan is a passionate outdoorsman and owns Sweetwater Travel, a luxury fishing adventure company which operates camps in Alaska, Mongolia, Bahamas, Brazil and Montana. They pride themselves in offering world-class service in remote environments while also offering fly-fishing expeditions throughout North America and Britain.

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