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Shop Daniel Wall is the official online store featuring world-renowned artist Daniel Wall’s licensed and branded products. Daniel is known as an innovator of Intense Impressionism – an innovative style which bridges Impressionist art from its 1800s roots with vivid colors, dramatic textures and messages of love and joy – as well as being highly prized cityscape paintings.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wall started drawing and painting at age 4, winning art awards throughout his youth. By age 16, he attended and graduated from a fine arts academy. Soon thereafter he established himself as one of the world’s most successful artists, selling his works worldwide.

He also served as a lawyer, providing advice to clients during arraignments, pretrial motions, evidentiary hearings, jury trials and other legal proceedings. Over his legal career he represented thousands of clients ranging from high-level executives to low-income individuals.

Walls began his early career by investigating ways to reduce fluctuations caused by interactions between photons and matter. He pioneered squeezed light technology, which can be made much more stable than classic illumination methods.

Professional Career

Daniel has made a name for himself as an accomplished storyboard artist throughout his career, working on projects with numerous companies while honing his craft. Combining professional drive with an easygoing lifestyle, Daniel manages to fuel his passion without succumbing to its pressures.

He is best known as the creator of Intense Impressionism**, an avant-garde form of impressionism that brings it from its traditional roots in the 1800s into modernity with vibrant colors and eye-catching textures. Additionally, his landscape and cityscape paintings have long been sought-after by collectors all around the world and his paintings often described as breathtaking in their boldness. Today he remains one of the most in-demand artists in the US**.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel quickly immersed himself in research upon arriving at WSU, joining a lab only a month later. Since then he has become one of the leading experts on non-classical light, authoring multiple seminal papers relating theory to experiment, including ones dealing with interactions between light and atoms.

He has a keen interest in nanotechnology, and will intern this summer at Micron Technology working on their DRAM (digital random access memory) products – essential memory systems used by computers.

Out of class, Daniel enjoys competing in hackathons; 24-hour competitions where teams create new technology. His team won first prize at this year’s hardware hackathon! Additionally, Daniel serves as captain of WSU’s inaugural Battlebots club; gladiatori-style robot competition.

Personal Life

He is a celebrity TikTok star known for his hip-hop song sampling tips. Additionally, his channel showcases videos about his music production skills. As someone with strong ambition and determination who strives to accomplish his goals in life and remains positive at all times, his positive outlook makes life much simpler for him.

His “Intense Impressionism” art movement is a contemporary art movement that revives Impressionist style from the 1800s into today with vivid colors, heavy textures, and messages of joy and love. His expressive landscape and cityscape paintings are beloved among art enthusiasts worldwide. Born on November 10, 1996 in the United States with a life path number 1 this makes him determined yet passionate person.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be in excess of $1 Million, generated through his career as a TikTok star.

Daniel Wall is best known for his YouTube channel DanielWall which boasts over 61,000,000 likes. His hip-hop song sample tips and short clips featuring him working with music producers has garnered him immense fame amongst the public.

Daniel Wall is the creator of intense impressionism (or extreme impressionism), a contemporary style which brings Impressionism from its 18th-century roots into the 21st century to reflect modern life and its intensity. His works exhibit unsurpassed boldness with big, noticeable brush strokes made with his palette knife; heavy paint application; saturated vibrant colors with exaggerated effects of light; as reported on Form 4 insider trading reports by Wall, owning at least 33,086 shares in Expeditors International of Washington Inc (EXPD). According to Form 4 insider trading reports as of 2023-08-30

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