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Lyft Employee of the Year – Daniel Won

Daniel and his friends demonstrated that having an honest heart leads to greater insight into divine mysteries. Furthermore, they showed how standing up for one’s beliefs need not be an overt act of aggression or arrogance.

The Book of Daniel accurately predicts events which occurred prior to Jesus Christ with such uncanny accuracy that some scholars question whether its prophecies were written during Maccabean times.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was born in Wilmington, Delaware to a family of Jewish immigrants and attended public schools as well as taking on part-time work from an early age. Starting his academic studies, Daniel began to earn money through part-time jobs from age 10.

At twelve, he asked his parents for summer work at their textile wholesaler. This involved transporting large rolls of fabric on delivery runs and measuring and cutting fabric for customers; plus using public transit every day to get there.

Daniel is an accomplished clarinetist, having played with both the Quad City Symphony Orchestra and Music of the Baroque orchestra in Chicago. Additionally, he has performed as guest artist with both Joffrey Ballet and Chicago Sinfonietta orchestras as well as theater performances and British television; additionally being part of Bristol Old Vic and Royal Shakespeare companies.

Professional Career

Daniel Won is currently working as a software engineer at Lyft, where he serves on the data processing experience team. Prior to that he led teams at SigFig developing robo-advisor products and at another data analytics startup building visualizations.

Clarinetist Robert Klingbeil has performed with many of the Midwest’s premier orchestras and ensembles, such as MusicNOW, Joffrey Ballet, Chicago Sinfonietta, Fort Wayne Philharmonic and Elgin Symphony Orchestras – as well as appearing as a soloist with Illinois Chamber Orchestra, Quad City Symphony Orchestra and Music of the Baroque Orchestra in Chicago.

He has run two poker-related promotions, such as one where he tried to find someone he could mentor into becoming a world-class live tournament poker player by covering entry fees into four $10,000 buy-in events.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is an intuitive leader on campus who excels at seamlessly balancing academia, politics and journalism. He has served as research assistant to several faculty members as well as serving as Treasurer for two major student organizations.

He wrote for The Phoenix and earned an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for his editorial writing.

After joining Red Bull Racing in 2014, Daniel made an immediate impactful statement in F1. During his inaugural season he scored 29 points including victories in Canada and Hungary as well as an unprecedented comeback win against all odds in Monaco. Following an equally testing second hybrid power season at Renault then McLaren, where he continued winning races and topping podiums; today Daniel currently drives for Toro Rosso.

Personal Life

Daniel has long been an advocate for cancer awareness. He currently sits on both the NYC Light the Night committee and Ithaca College annual fund young alumni committee, co-found Team Stupid Cancer with his wife, ran a Ragnar Relay together, all while raising money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Daniel comes from a strong tradition of hard work and education. Although Daniel sometimes felt second best compared to his brother Charlie, both his parents pushed him hard to become better than everyone else.

Daniel wears his long black hair pulled back into a ponytail, and his jawline and cheekbones stand out prominently. His charismatic personality has quickly made him one of his fans’ favorites; he’s known to play fun-loving poker games with strong opinions about them!

Net Worth

Net worth provides an accurate picture of someone’s wealth by measuring their assets minus liabilities. This may include hard assets like money in bank accounts and retirement and investment accounts as well as valuable property such as an expensive car.

Liabilities refer to any debt one owes, such as mortgages, car loans and credit card bills. A person can increase their net worth by buying appreciating assets or decreasing debt levels.

Understanding your net worth is vitally important because it gives a more comprehensive picture of your financial health than simply tracking income alone, which could be affected by things like job loss or reduced hours. Knowing your net worth also motivates saving and investing strategies as well as long-term planning; in business this term can also be called book value or shareholders’ equity.

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