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The Daniel Myslivecek 5K

The Daniel Myslivecek 5K is a fundraising event in honor of Daniel, a young boy diagnosed with Melanoma. Proceeds will go directly back into his family’s pockets as well as to local charitable organizations.

The Daniels Formula employs seven training principles which correspond with exercise intensities and fitness benchmarks that can then serve as the basis for designing an annual plan.

Early Life and Education

Nataniel Hoffman was born with serious health complications. Edmaris and Matt, his parents, had kept their family’s struggle private in order to focus on celebrating Nataniel as they celebrated his miracle of life; but feel that now is the time to share their story and seek any prayers or assistance you can provide them.

This race began in 2005 in honor of Daniel Myslivecek who died from Melanoma at 16 and his friends from Churchville-Chili High School and Gates Chili Honor Societies helped organize it. Since 2005, over $100,000 has been raised, with proceeds given each year to local families or organizations while simultaneously increasing Melanoma awareness. It also allows his family members to stay close with one another while continuing Daniel’s message to live life to its fullest.

Professional Career

Daniels outlines his approach to training in several books. His basic philosophy holds that speed is simply exercise intensity, so workouts should be tailored specifically to match each runner’s current fitness level using tabulated VO2max values to calculate training point factors and set workout intensities accordingly.

As part of his season plan, the first step for Brian is to map his overall season before breaking it up into phases tailored specifically for marathon training. Each phase should focus on optimizing specific components associated with this event – in this instance a marathon.

This can be achieved through using transition and final quality phases to replicate expected race conditions, along with hill work and strides training.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels led his athletes to victory during 17 years at Cortland, helping them earn 130 Division III All-American awards and two Olympic Trials and 13 marathons. Additionally, Daniels pioneered running form analysis work and has worked closely with elite runners such as Joan Benoit.

This race honors Daniel Myslivecek who passed away from Melanoma at age 16. To assist with medical costs associated with his illness, friends organized the inaugural run in 2005; ever since then the race has continued raising money and spreading awareness for such life-threatening conditions as Melanoma.

Tyler McCandless of Green Events came in second for men with a time of 16:32 while Shelley McDonald, 40-year old masters runner from California won in 18:18 for women.

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