Daniels Scholarship

The Daniels Scholarship Program

The Daniels Scholarship Program awards up to $100,000 over four years for an undergraduate degree at any two or four year, nonprofit accredited college or university in the US based on financial need. Applicants must demonstrate this need by sharing income and asset data from their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Daniels Fund is a private charitable foundation founded by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels that awards this scholarship each year. Daniels Scholars represent his values by embodying strength of character, leadership potential, commitment to service and academic promise as measures of selection.

Early Life and Education

The Daniels Scholarship is a four-year college scholarship established by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels that rewards graduating high school seniors who demonstrate strength of character, leadership potential and service to their communities. Funded through private philanthropy, it can be used at any college or university across America.

The 2023-2024 Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship will be made available to students who demonstrate an eagerness to invest in themselves through further education. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education will administer this award, in partnership with participating colleges and universities.

The Daniels Fund and Adams State University aim to meet scholars where they are, encourage them to follow their dreams, and assist in realizing them – exactly as their founder intended when creating his foundation and the scholarships bearing his name.

Professional Career

The Daniels Scholarship program, established by cable TV pioneer Bill Daniels, gives high school seniors who possess strong character, leadership potential and commitment to service the opportunity to pursue their goals. Daniels Scholars from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming can receive up to $100,000 that they can apply towards attending any two or four year college depending on financial need.

This scholarship includes a comprehensive college scholarship that pays for tuition and fees, room and board expenses, books and supplies as well as any additional educational costs incurred during four academic years of enrollment. If scholars continue meeting criteria they may renew the award up to four more times.

Candidates for this award should be graduating high school seniors who plan to enroll at an accredited two or four-year nonprofit college or university in the United States with the intention of earning their bachelor’s degree, and can demonstrate financial need.

Achievement and Honors

The Daniels Scholarship is a comprehensive four-year college scholarship that includes financial support, mentoring and academic and professional development opportunities for its recipients. Students selected by the foundation based on exceptional character, leadership and commitment to serving their communities are selected for participation.

This scholarship covers tuition, fees, room/board and books after factoring in other grants and scholarships, in addition to an annual stipend, travel, professional development opportunities and educational experiences. Students may use the funds at any nonprofit two or four year accredited US college or university that accepts it; it cannot be applied towards technical schools or certificate programs.

Kayla Marshall from Holyoke who plans to study physiology at Adams State is extremely thankful that their awards reflect the values held dear by foundation founder Bill Daniels.

Personal Life

Bill Daniels desired for his scholarship recipients to be men and women of exceptional character, integrity, leadership and service – not to mention proud Americans who valued our free market system while giving back to their communities.

This scholarship program is intended to empower these students as future professionals and community leaders by helping them attain a bachelor’s degree and pursue their desired career. The scholarship covers tuition and fees, room & board fees and books/supplies at any nonprofit college or university within the US that is meeting this criteria.

Scholarship applicants must provide information about themselves, including personal and volunteer experiences, academic information and employment details, as well as a recommendation letter from either their teacher, school administrator or guidance counselor.

Net Worth

Bill Daniels’ scholarship program gives students from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming the chance to attend college almost free. It prioritizes those with strong characters, leadership potential and dedication to serving their community while being proud Americans who embrace free markets and civics.

The Daniels Scholarship can provide up to $25,000 annually towards meeting unmet need after taking into account EFC, other scholarships, financial aid and work-study awards received. It can be applied towards any accredited college or university within the U.S.

Scholars receive not only financial assistance from Daniels Fund but also access an enrichment curriculum focused on topics like ethics, integrity and character building; patriotism; civics; entrepreneurship and etiquette – with support provided from Daniels Fund personnel as well as on-campus contacts.

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