Daphne Oz Faux Tuna Salad

Daphne Oz and Her Faux Tuna Salad

The new and improved Daphne Oz made a big splash at the Food Network’s recent FOCCO expo in Los Angeles. Her latest creation is the star of her menu, a faux tuna salad that would make a savvy connoisseur swoon. In addition to the aforementioned faux snub, she also showed off her culinary chops with a few savory offerings. It’s not every day you get to sit down with the famous heiress. So, it’s time to take notes! Luckily for the aficionados, she offers a streamlined online ordering system and free tastings. Just be sure to order early! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get your mitts dirty on her latest book! This is your lucky day!

Daphne is the new kid on the block, but she’s got a good thing going with her boffo bambino, her pampered pooch and her harees. She’s also been known to splurge on her favourite tipples, so it’s no surprise that she’s got a plethora of foodie friends.

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