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Athletes in Action – Dave Hannah

Dave Hanna played an instrumental role in the development of Newberry forward Brady Keeler, who went on to become one of the most decorated players in program history.

Dave had three players named to the All-Conference First Team and three selected as All-Conference Honorable Mention honorees during his tenure as coach.

Early Life and Education

Dave Hannan has been an advocate for youth development through athletics his entire life, and has helped form the youth program Lift Up America which seeks to instill values through sports.

He founded Athletes in Action, a program that helps athletes and coaches connect to their communities. Additionally, he’s been an established sports radio host for several years and is involved with Ducks Unlimited.

He’s an enthusiastic fisherman and bird hunter, which is evident by his lifelong support for Ducks Unlimited. He enjoys playing bridge or wizard with friends, and has fond memories of spending time at his A-frame cabin on Lac Pelletier in Swift Current, SK.

Professional Career

Dave Hannah inspired the audience with his vision for youth development through sports. Drawing upon his experiences as an all-purpose athlete and world weight lifting record holder, he founded several philanthropic ventures such as Athletes in Action, Lift Up America and Ambassadors of Compassion.

Over a 13 year professional career, Dave Hannah earned numerous honors and recognition, including three All-Pro selections. Additionally, he won four consecutive years from 1978 until 1981 as the NFL Players Association’s Offensive Lineman of the Year.

As an attorney, Dave provides legal services to real estate owners and developers, banks and other institutional lenders in connection with a variety of complex commercial transactions. His expertise encompasses all aspects of real estate acquisition, financing, entitlement, development, construction and leasing processes.

Achievement and Honors

David Hannah has achieved great things throughout his life and earned many distinctions and honors. He earned a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and served as past president of the Western Academy of Management.

He is a Professor of Hydrology and UNESCO Chair in Water Sciences at the University of Birmingham, and his research has made an important impact on our understanding of water cycle processes, hydrological events such as floods and droughts, their effects on climate change and other drivers of change.

He has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including the Royal Geographical Society’s Murchison Award, Tison Award from International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship and active membership in both Academy of Science and American Geophysical Union.

Personal Life

Dave Hanna was passionate about inspiring youth through sports throughout his life. From setting unofficial 14 world weight lifting records to founding Athletes in Action, he believed that athletes could make a lasting impact on the world.

Dave had a special knack for helping troubled boys and forming connections that would last a lifetime. He taught at Saint Joe’s, Fairview and Irwin schools in the area, but his influence on children far transcended those institutions.

He spent a great deal of time at his A-frame cabin on Lac Pelletier near Swift Current, SK where he met and married Camille Chabot. It’s there they raised their three sons Curtis, Kimberly, and Sheldon who are now adults living lives of their own and having amazing careers.

Net Worth

David Hannah is a renowned actor who has featured in numerous movies and television shows. His comedic roles have earned him widespread popularity throughout the years.

His net worth is estimated to be $50.3 million. He serves as director at Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co, owning more than 25,000 shares of the stock company.

Hannah has traded a variety of stocks throughout his career. His largest trade was exercising 80,000 units of Reliance Steel and Aluminum Company stock on March 2nd 2016 for an astounding $3,941,600.

He owns half of Two Sigma Investments, a hedge fund managing $60 billion in assets. He co-founded the firm with co-chair John Overdeck in 2001.

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