Dave Henslee

Dave Henslee – Physical Therapist

David Henslee is a physical therapist that specializes in treating patients with pain or injury. He can reduce discomfort and restore mobility through exercises, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, joint mobilization, heat/ice/massage/laser/light therapy.

He is running for the vacant Klamath County Commissioner #1 seat left vacant by Donnie Boyd. With an impressive list of credentials, he certainly qualifies to serve our citizens in that capacity.

Early Life and Education

Dave Henslee is an acclaimed American comedian and actor, born on the 24th day of August 1973 to Yvonne K. Chappelle Seon and William David Chappel III in Washington D.C.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English literature from Brigham Young University, and subsequently attended the University of Utah College of Law.

He is renowned for his humorous sketches. Additionally, he has written many books for children.

He is the CEO of Hollis Company and also hosts a podcast to help people live better lives. Estimates place his net worth at $5 million dollars.

Professional Career

Dave Henslee has been in the business world for more than two decades. He began working at O’Reilly Industries in 1984 as a part specialist and has held various positions such as assistant store manager, district manager and computer operations manager.

Henslee has held various executive leadership roles at O’Reilly, including co-president. With the company for over two decades, Henslee has seen the company grow from a small family-owned operation to one with 5,019 stores spanning 47 states.

Henslee is running for County Commissioner #1 in Klamath County, Oregon on a platform of economic development, educational advancement and environmental protection. As an experienced public servant with impressive credentials and experience, Henslee has the qualifications needed to lead our local government with confidence and skill.

Achievements and Honors

Henslee has been in law enforcement for nearly three decades and has earned the respect of his peers and citizens of Klamath Falls with his impressive list of awards and accolades. Not to mention, he has earned the admiration of his colleagues as well as their admiration.

Henslee has earned numerous leadership accolades, and he makes sure to stay abreast of industry developments. In addition to completing formal training to become a full member of the police department, he also attended executive leadership courses with an aim of realizing his vision for modern and progressive law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, Henslee is actively engaged in his local community through involvement with multiple nonprofit organizations.

Personal Life

Dave Henslee has a longstanding career in politics. He has held multiple public office positions and been an enthusiastic supporter of his local community.

He is running for Commissioner #1 in Klamath County, Oregon but may face a lawsuit that could disqualify him even if he wins the election.

This case stems from Henslee’s actions as a city official in uniform during a 2010 traffic stop. He and the other two defendants have been accused of negligence.

Plaintiffs contend that Henslee’s actions caused them personal harm, including pain and suffering as well as financial loss. However, Henslee and all other defendants have denied this charge.

Net Worth

Henslee has been an integral part of the O’Reilly team for 32 years, starting as a parts specialist and progressing through positions such as assistant store manager, district manager, computer operations manager, director of computer operations and loss prevention, and vice president of store operations.

Henslee is currently the CEO of O’Reilly Automotive Inc. and boasts a net worth of approximately $33 Million. According to SEC filings, Henslee owns 38,545 shares of O’Reilly Automotive stock; his biggest trade was 7,576 shares on November 9th 2022 which netted him $6 Million. Furthermore, Henslee’s average trading volume stands at 10,309 shares per day. Stay informed when Henslee purchases or sells O’Reilly Automotive stock with our free insider alert service

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