Dave Lackford

A Profile of Dave Lackford

Dave Lackford is a local attorney with extensive connections to high school recruiting. Additionally, he serves on the reporting team for Cardinal Sports.

He holds offers from Michigan, Florida State and Auburn and is considered a stud nickel cornerback with the potential to become one of the top corners out of Detroit.

Early Life and Education

Lackford was born in Leeds, England and educated at Dartington College of Arts, Science and Technology. After teaching for some time in the 1930s, he went on to be a leading bird researcher. Additionally, he served in a British Army unit developing radar during World War II which led him to develop radar ornithology: studying bird migration patterns using radar technology. Finally, Lackford wrote a book about the evolution of birds’ nests.

Lackford had an aptitude for science, yet his faith never wavered. He believed that evolution could not explain morality, truth, beauty and free will; in fact, he was an agnostic as a young man before becoming a convert to Anglicanism in 1948.

Professional Career

Professional careers refer to the work one does within a specific field, usually requiring at least a college degree and certification process. Professions range from doctors and lawyers to scientists, accountants and dentists – often with value systems that emphasize personal autonomy as well as the capacity for rational decision-making. A lifelong commitment can enable someone to earn their living while creating a family unit.

Dave Lackford has been covering Louisville basketball and other U of L sports for the past five years. He also owns Stock Risers, a high school recruiting website, with his wife Megan who was previously an attorney and collegiate women’s basketball player. Dave currently resides in Louisville with his family – wife Megan, three children, and co-owner of Stock Risers recruiting website.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Lackford, a graduate of the Indiana School of Business, was an esteemed leader in healthcare technology. As Chief Technical Officer at Adult & Child Health, he earned recognition as 2018 Indianapolis Business Journal CTO of the Year.

He had extensive leadership and service experience within his field, including creating a data governance plan to increase data literacy and reduce reporting inconsistencies. Furthermore, he spearheaded an enterprise data warehouse build that combined multiple EMRs, Finance departments, and claims into one central repository.

He received several honors, including the IUPUI RISE Award. This accolade recognizes students who have implemented one of four IUPUI RISE initiatives into their studies and comes with a cash prize and medallion.

Personal Life

Aside from his high-powered law firm career, the glamorous graduate student has an immense passion for U of L and UK sports in general. As a passionate fan, you can often find him at games cheering on his beloved Golden Eagles team. As an enthusiastic supporter of all things UK, he follows UK football, basketball and rugby passionately too. Most importantly though is his 25 year marriage to Kim; they have two children plus pets like dogs, cats and horses too! In their free moments they enjoy watching sports on TV or hitting the gym together – whatever suits best!

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