Dave Nuss

Dave Nuss

If you’ve ever visited your local grocery store, chances are good you have seen Dave’s Killer Bread on the shelves. Well-known for its protein-packed dough and whole grain ingredients, this loaf has quickly become a go-to choice among dietitians and nutritionists.

Powerseed bread can also help reduce calories without compromising flavor, according to registered dietitian Liz Smith of Two Hungry Work Wives. One slice contains only one gram of sugar and five grams of protein!

Early Life and Education

Dave Thomas is a hardworking individual who deeply values education. At Quiller Tutorials he teaches history, literature and composition.

Dave teaches his students the fundamental principles of reading, writing and analyzing humanities subjects with special focus on Western civilization, Enlightenment thought and modernity. Additionally, his passion lies in helping disadvantaged children learn life skills that will help them excel both academically and beyond.

But behind the scenes lies an extraordinary individual with an unconventional history – one who spent more than a quarter of his life behind bars and, when not working, loitering near the edge of legality.

Professional Career

Dave began his printing career enjoying both the science behind and operating large printing presses; however, the overall purpose was sometimes less than appealing as “just mailing junk to people”.

As time passed, he desired something which allowed him to help others heal and achieve their goals, as well as give him a fulfilling career path. Therefore, he began researching online programs that offered certification programs as natural health consultants.

After some reflection, he realized the pieces of the puzzle had started falling into place, leading him to found both Health Nut Nutrition and Millie’s Living Cafe as natural extensions of each other and delight in knowing both businesses have social and environmental impacts.

Achievement and Honors

Dave has made several important contributions to the world of nuts and bolts. Notably, he led development of an advanced walnut planter capable of rapidly producing fruit. Furthermore, he collaborated with University of California researchers in tree crop genomic research.

He’s also an in-demand keynote speaker, known for his captivating storytelling abilities that have earned him several accolades, such as being named as UK’s top motivational speaker. Known for delivering engaging presentations with plenty of humor and time-tested principles. And best of all – always willing to have some fun with his audiences by getting his hands dirty!

Personal Life

Dave’s personal life is defined by his choices, personal values and beliefs as well as hobbies, interests and relationships that may not necessarily be openly shared or visible to others.

Health Nut Nutrition and Millie’s Living Cafe are also part of his personal life and demonstrate his dedication to healthy living, which began with changing his eating habits to alleviate severe health issues.

Dave had worked for a printing company prior to founding Health Nut Nutrition and Millie’s, but found his work unfulfilling. To explore new opportunities, he took the leap and became one of today’s successful entrepreneurs.

Net Worth

David Nuss is an American drummer and social activist based out of Texas and New York City. Beginning as a thrash metal drummer during the 80’s, later transitioning to producing, curating and social activism within avant-garde music circles. Relocating to NYC during the early 1990s allowed him to connect with performers of varying styles.

He is survived by his wife Maryna and stepsons Andriy and Roman, his brother Donald R. Nuss and sister Patricia Halsey Vena as well as several nieces and nephews who survived him; his parents Mary J. Holznagle Nuss and Donald R. Nuss were predeceased. Private services will take place with cremation following. Donations may be made to Doey’s House in Hagerstown MD instead.

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