Dave Weedman

Dave Weedman – A Well-Known Man in Tell City, Indiana

David Weedman was a beloved father, brother and all-around kind man in Tell City, Indiana. He was described by those around him as everyone’s friend.

On March 1, 2017 his home was discovered empty. At first the police assumed it to be a suicide; however, they began to look further into the case.

Early Life and Education

Dave Weedman has dedicated his life to the green industry, having started his own lawn care business in Lansing, Michigan. His expertise has earned him many accolades and he is deeply passionate about what he does.

He served as a college trustee, dedicating much of his time to serving others through service. Additionally, he is an outspoken supporter of marijuana legalization and has worked hard to make it legal in New Jersey.

He is renowned for his work within the community and as an advocate for women’s rights. He has spoken at numerous events to raise money for charities. A true leader, he has left a lasting impression on many around him.

Professional Career

Weedman’s career spans a variety of senior leadership positions that are vital in today’s global economy. His expertise in open innovation was particularly valuable as he led P&G’s global Open Innovation efforts (Connect+Develop).

He served in a senior leadership role at P&G for nearly two decades, most recently serving as vice president of global business development. In this capacity he oversaw acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, equity investments, technology/trademark/know-how licensing, outsourcing services and P&G’s global Connect+Develop program.

Dave was a three-sport star at Woodland High School, excelling in football and basketball as well as running track. He earned an Associated Press Little All-America honorable mention, was named to the second team NAIA All-American squad and was part of the Evergreen Conference championship team. Dave later earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education and health.

Achievement and Honors

Weedman has achieved several notable accomplishments throughout his career. He was one of four coaches in the Louisville area to win a state basketball title (the others being Lloyd Gardner, Ron Kordes and Brian Brohm), earning him an induction into the Kentucky High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame. Furthermore, Weedman set several personal records including winning most wins by a head coach in one season.

He’s the owner and president of Weed Maritimes, a turf management company that services Canada, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Together with his wife Chris they run an efficient yet highly-effective operation that prioritizes customer service. While keeping customers content is their top priority, they take pride in using innovative yet cost-effective methods to get the job done efficiently.

Personal Life

Dave Weedman was born on March 13 1913 in Louisville, Kentucky and raised as a father.

David was married to Rebecca A. Weedman and had nine children together.

In 1940, the Weedman family lived in Louisville, Kentucky. David’s parents, two brothers and two sisters formed part of this extended family unit.

He graduated from Galesburg High School and was a member of their football team. His ambition was to play college football at Knox College.

On March 4, 2019, his home was discovered to be empty. At first, police believed he committed suicide; however, an autopsy later revealed that it had been caused by homicide.

Net Worth

David Weedman was a well-known man in Tell City, Indiana. He was a father, brother and all around nice person; with four children and two stepchildren plus his sister Barb Dauby. David had an enviable reputation for trustworthiness; making friends was no problem for him.

In March 2017, Randy Coalter was accused of murdering Weedman. It is said that Coalter got into a fight with David on March 1 of that year after becoming suspicious that Nicki Anderson was having an affair with David; she then revealed him to police and eventually led to his arrest for the crime. Additionally, he was charged with aggravated battery, armed robbery and tampering with evidence.

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