Dave Wireless

Dave Wireless and T-Mobile USA

Dave wireless, a new Canadian mobile carrier, recently inked an agreement with T-Mobile USA as an essential step towards its network launch.

DAVE Wireless, supported by Toronto mogul John Bitove’s Obelysk and Quadrangle Capital Partners, plans to begin service this spring in Toronto under its brand Mobilicity. Later this year it may expand to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Early Life and Education

Dave wireless held several noteworthy jobs before becoming a teacher: working in East Chicago at a steel mill; Wyoming for gas plants and drilling rigs; South Chicago grocery store management. Of all his achievements – teaching being the crown jewel.

Dave is thrilled to join Whiteboard Advisors’ team as one of our newest entrepreneurs-in-residence. Since February he has advised investors, companies, and nonprofits on ways to improve K-3 reading outcomes. Prior to that he served as Executive Vice President at Amplify Education (formerly Wireless Generation). Under his direction his sales team doubled in size within one year!

Professional Career

Dave is an experienced patent attorney with expertise in protecting and exploiting third-party intellectual property. He works on patent matters relating to wireless, satellite, cable networking, Internet of Things (IoT) and semiconductor technologies.

Dave is passionate about helping companies navigate their product development journey, helping them understand any impediments to production that may exist and providing trusting, long-term partnerships to enable informed decision making throughout their development journey.

Prior to joining DISH, Dave worked for T-Mobile USA as Senior Vice President of Network Development. While overseeing T-Mobile’s strategy, development, and financial aspects during two decades of explosive growth. Dave successfully reengineered and reinvented T-Mobile’s cost structure; created joint venture agreements between T-Mobile and Cingular; led joint network sharing ventures between them in metropolitan New York City and California; negotiated key infrastructure agreements; and more.

Achievement and Honors

Dave is an esteemed entrepreneur, known for leading teams to produce award-winning products to market. Formerly serving as Vice President of Network Development for DISH Wireless, he now leads their 5G buildout strategy and deployment efforts.

David is an experienced business leader, having held various executive roles with Intuit Inc and Habitat for Humanity International. A frequent speaker and recipient of multiple industry awards, Dave has received praise for his efforts to advance social impact through innovative programs that support underserved communities around the globe. One of Dave’s notable achievements was founding Kumu Networks (subsequently acquired by Crown Castle for $1 billion), an award-winning wireless infrastructure provider known for its high tech yet high impact solutions.

Personal Life

Dave Matthews is an award-winning British musician, singer and rapper. In 2022 he won Best Hip Hop/Grime Act at the Brit Awards and more recently received an Ivor Novello Award.

He is married with three children. He resides in Seattle, Washington.

After 20+ years in quality assurance (QA), dave wireless decided to explore new challenges by entering into mobile gaming business.

His career began at Disney Software where he served as QA/CS Manager. Here he managed over 120 people working on many early Windows 95 titles as well as PlayStation titles.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to the difference between what a person owns and owes, with low or high net worth depending on spending habits and prudent money management practices.

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Dave Chapelle first gained popularity while filming Comedy Central’s Chapelle Show and later signed a contract with Netflix to receive $20 Million per release. Since then, his net worth has reached $60 Million; making him one of the wealthiest comedians worldwide due to income generated from stand-up performances and movies.

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