Dave’s Jerky

Dave’s Jerky Review

Daves Jerky is a classic dry and smoky beef jerky that will satisfy any fanatic of this tasty treat. Created using red peppers and other spices that keep you coming back for more, this delicious snack is bound to become one of your go-to snack choices – whether camping trip or just snack time need, it is always there when needed!

Early Life and Education

Dave Williams made headlines in California when he abruptly quit law enforcement to start a beef jerky company despite many people considering his decision strange. Yet the entrepreneur said it came after years of watching one of his close friends build a successful company around his family’s jerky recipe.

Daves Jerky in Lakewood was founded by him and Melissa Trahan in 2012 after finding it difficult to locate vegan-friendly jerky brands that didn’t make them sick. So they created their own product, selling it at local markets with great success before expanding distribution through conventions as well.

Professional Career

Swiler, now 58 years old, has always had an affinity for culinary arts. Starting his career off at a local eatery before expanding to restaurants and bars across the United States. Additionally, he ventured into golf by attending some of the country’s premier clubs.

He found a niche market for his gourmet jerky and, with help from a business mentor, was able to optimize operations and transform Thom’s Jerky into a profitable enterprise. Today it produces an impressive variety of products such as beef, turkey and wild game jerky; plus specialty flavors such as Camel Clutch Curry and Orient Express Teriyaki jerky! Operating out of an 1,200-square-foot facility at Marchwood Shopping Center in Exton.

Achievement and Honors

Dave’s Jerky has received many honors and accolades throughout its existence, including membership into the barbecue industry hall of fame. Additionally, it has won over 780 awards ranging from Best of Class awards and blue ribbons to People’s Choice and Critic’s Choice recognitions – not forgetting its two books “Famous Dave’s Rib-O-Matic” and “Famous Dave’s Barbecue Party Cookbook”, both winning best in class for their respective categories.

Dave was thrilled to take home first place at the California Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat competition. With great skill and innovation, his team recaptured the Norm Eggin Championship Cup for the first time since 2014 thanks to cutting-edge technology enabling them to develop “Famous Dave’s Jumbo-O-Matic”, featuring double the size jerky!

Personal Life

Dave Williams decided to retire after years as a law enforcement officer and move into beef jerky manufacturing with Dave’s Jerky. Today, this enterprise employs 65 staff and produces about 40,000 bags a month of snack!

Kayfabe Jerky is hand-smoked in an actual smokehouse and comes in many varieties of flavor; their most popular being Root Beer Beef with its hint of sweet to the mild heat found elsewhere. Fans should definitely give it a try! In addition to selling jerky, Kayfabe also sells wrestling-themed apparel such as T-shirts, hats and stickers; plus custom Kayfabe logo mugs! Though still in its infancy, Kayfabe has already established an ever-evolving roster of flavors to keep fans coming back time after time!

Net Worth

After appearing on Shark Tank, Daves Jerky has already made waves in the business world – they’ve generated sales totalling more than $1.4 Million within three months of appearing on TV!

Chef Dennis Riedel and Dennis Swiler founded their business in 2009. Since then, it has quickly expanded and now holds a net worth of $4 Million as of 2022.

O’Leary amassed his fortune through investments and authorship, YouTube advertising revenue generation and media personality status (known for appearing on Shark Tank). Here’s how he achieved wealth, ranked by net worth.

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