David Barden

David Barden

David Barden has been a property attorney for more than 11 years, specializing in commercial lease advice. He is based in Bingley, England.

Barden has spearheaded two US lottery ventures. The South Carolina and Arkansas lotteries raised billions of dollars for education programs, with their proceeds supporting various causes.

Early Life and Education

David Barden was born on November 13th 1946 in Watertown, New York to Elizabeth Barden.

After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy and held various command positions. Ultimately, he earned his Drill Supervisor rank and retired after 32 years of service with the Navy.

David loved spending his leisure time with family, fishing, gambling, bourbon and William Penn cigars. Additionally, his passion for wood turning was unwavering as he applied his expertise in engineering pattern making to craft unique pieces of furniture.

Barden is currently the CEO of the New Mexico Lottery and oversees their fundraising initiatives for beneficiaries such as education, conservation, and more. Since 1996, they have generated billions in net proceeds.

Professional Career

Dave Barden is an esteemed actor and book editor, as well as having a successful career as cinematographer and director. His credits include The Rosa Parks Story (1998), Love Song (2000) and Brothers of the Borderland (2004).

He is a member of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films and has earned five awards for his contributions to this industry.

He has starred in several films such as Jackass Number Two and Axel Rose (2007), and also appeared in TV shows and commercials. His acting abilities and versatility have been praised by critics. Furthermore, he owns Wood we Create Gallery in Coffs Harbour where he sells fine wood turned homewares.

Achievements and Honors

Barden has earned a variety of distinctions throughout his career. He was elected to the Board of Directors for the Multi-State Lottery Association, an organization which assists its member lottery companies with developing and operating multijurisdictional games.

He was also honored with an Industry Leadership Award by NAREIT for his contributions to the real estate industry. Additionally, he has maximized revenue returns for three US lotteries.

David Barden is the President and CEO of New Mexico Lottery with over 21 years of experience in lottery operations. As an expert at maximizing revenue for the lottery, his expertise lies in this area.

Personal Life

David Barden prefers not to discuss his personal life publicly. He has kept the details of his dating and relationship history private.

Five years ago on a cold December morning, Daniel Barden, then 11 years old, was walking down the driveway to catch his bus with his older brother James and sister Natalie by his side.

On a cold and dark December morning in Newtown, Connecticut, a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and fatally shot 26 people. It was an unimaginable tragedy that has left Barden and his family with deep sadness and an uncertain path ahead of them.

But they have also found strength in one another. Both are dedicating their grief to taking action that will reduce gun deaths in America, and both have experienced a new sense of self-acceptance along the way.

Net Worth

Barden, 53, is an accomplished businessman. He has built his family-owned firm into one of the top black-owned firms in America and recently obtained casino licenses in Indiana and is planning a boat casino on 500 acres in the Virgin Islands.

Barden worked on his parents’ farm as a kid. Eventually, he earned a college degree and launched his own business venture; all but $1 million of his investment was put on the line when he won a cable franchise in Detroit.

He expanded his operations, increasing the size of his team to 1,500 employees. Furthermore, he made a significant investment in real estate development and an office in Namibia, Africa.

He is married to Bella Marshall Barden, who runs their family’s real estate business. Together they have a 6-year-old daughter.

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