David Beezer

David Beezer

David Beezer is an American lawyer specializing in intellectual property and business law.

He has extensive experience working with major clients in healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and technology sectors. Additionally, he serves as a client service partner to many startups and individuals alike.

In addition to his legal practice, he engages in pro bono work. He has represented the ACLU in numerous civil rights cases such as Black Lives Matter v. City of Seattle which resulted in a federal injunction restricting use of less lethal weapons against peaceful protesters.

Early Life and Education

David Beezer began his professional life working for a construction company. This job provided him with exposure to architecture and taught him about the profession.

He then continued his education at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, he returned home to Altoona, Pennsylvania.

He joined his twin brother Michael J in founding an architectural firm called “The Beezer Brothers,” located in Seattle and designing numerous buildings throughout Washington state. Their work showcased their devout Catholic beliefs as well as a dedication to highly productive work.

Professional Career

David Beezer is an experienced litigator with deep-down inside knowledge. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in high-profile matters such as complex business disputes, wrongful termination lawsuits, breach of contract suits, and fiduciary duty disputes. Additionally, David was witness to numerous large scale data breaches where he experienced firsthand the pain and suffering that comes with dealing with cyberattacks.

David is a proud local and the proud parent of two sons serving on active duty in the United States Air Force and Marines. When not working, david volunteers his time to the Ballard Food Bank where he serves on its board of directors while offering pro bono legal services to those in need.

Achievement and Honors

David Beezer has been coaching football teams in San Diego for long enough to recognize a winning one when he sees one. While his journey hasn’t always been smooth, one cannot deny the impact his leadership and commitment to excellence has had. Most recently, he served as athletic director at Christian High School – a role which he takes very seriously.

Of his many accomplishments, one of the most impressive is his ability to motivate his teams. This has resulted in record breaking seasons across all three of his main divisions – football, basketball and track and field.

Personal Life

David Beezer is a former NFL quarterback who served as head coach of San Diego Christian High School before taking over as head coach of the IFL’s San Diego Strike Force. He has also mentored his sons Daniel, David Todd and Bradley Beezer – all football players at Liberty University in Virginia.

In his 29 years on the federal appeals court, Beezer wrote numerous landmark decisions concerning judicial authority, digital media sharing and capital punishment. On Friday at age 83 he succumbed to lung cancer.

Net Worth

Brian Smillie founded Beezer after recognizing the inefficiencies in the way apps were created and distributed. His app revolutionized this process, enabling anyone to easily create an app and distribute it without needing any coding or development expertise.

After an intense standoff on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Beezer managed to secure PS125,000 from Peter Jones after four out of five Dragons offered their investment – Tej Lalvani, Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meadon and Peter Jones. Jenny Campbell declined their offer because she did not believe it was a viable business model.

In the end, Jones’ offer of 15% equity in the company was too good to pass up. Brian has since expanded his app company and is now seeking to raise PS1 million for 20% ownership in it.

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