David Botchin

David Botchin

David Botchin is an attorney based in Winston Salem, North Carolina and a Partner at Dubin, Larimor & Bilick.

He is representing a man accused of murdering two men at a nightclub in Forsyth County. Prosecutors have indicated they intend to seek the death penalty against him.

Achievements and Honors

David Botchin has achieved great success in his career and earned himself the reputation of being an outstanding lawyer. As a partner at DURBIN, LARIMORE & BIALICK, which specializes in civil practice including litigation and federal/state taxation, David botchin holds memberships to both the American Bar Association and California Bar Association as well as receiving several honors and awards including the ITA Achievement Award.

He is also a member of the Orange County Community Remembrance Coalition and has organized events to raise awareness about racial terror. Additionally, he has written numerous books and articles about racism as well as made numerous donations to organizations fighting racial injustice and violence. Ultimately, his accomplishments and contributions have had a lasting impact on our world for positive purposes.

Personal Life

David Botchin is an outgoing and charming personality with a great sense of humor. His research into genetic links between sexual activity and disease has yielded several groundbreaking findings, earning him recognition as one of the pioneers in genomics. Currently, he serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Calico, a Google-owned anti-aging health startup. Besides his impressive research successes, Botchin also strives to make people around him happier by organizing regular events to educate people on racial violence that still occurs in Orange County.

Net Worth

If you appreciate car design, then David Botchin of Kindig It Design may be familiar to you. Additionally, his show Bitchin’ Rides airs on Velocity TV.

His designs have earned him several accolades, such as a Master Builder Award at the Boise Roadster Show and Trendsetter Award at GoodGuys Custom Car Show. Additionally, in 2007 he won the GM Design Award at SEMA Show for best General Motors hot rod.

Dave is a husband and father, with Charity as co-owner of the company. She encouraged him to pursue his passion for car design by turning it into an entrepreneurial endeavor. Together they have two children – Baylee and Drew – who both work at Kindig It Design as part of their team.

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