David Branham

David Branham

David Branham was an admired American businessman who built a thriving ag aviation company and prosperous agricultural enterprise in Leflore County. Additionally, he dedicated himself to serving his community and family with dedication.

During the healing revival, Branham gained widespread acceptance among Pentecostal and charismatic Christian communities. However, his post-revival teachings, which were more in line with Arminian or Calvinist doctrine than those of the Full Gospel tradition, proved controversial.

Early Life and Education

David Branham was born to David and Doris Branham on March 28, 1935 in Itta Bena, Mississippi and passed away August 29th 2007 with his family by his side.

He was raised in a farming community, where he was involved in many different activities. He was an active member of both the Itta Bena Lions Club and Greenwood Farmers Club.

As a young man, he opened his own fix-it service, fixing lawn mowers, irons and fans for neighbors. Throughout his life he maintained an active lifestyle with various jobs, sports activities and the desire to serve others.

He was an enthusiastic and hard-working farmer, continuously adopting modern farming methods and scientifically-based growing strategies to boost his cotton crops’ efficiency. A member of both Leflore County Farm Bureau and Itta Bena Gin Company, he served on various boards that supported the region’s agriculture business sector.

Professional Career

David Branham’s professional and personal lives are in perfect balance, allowing him to pursue what he desires while knowing he can. Therefore, he has put aside his day job for eight years while rewriting the rules of family life with Kathryn Verona – they now own an eclectic collection of tchotchkes, etiquette items, quirky things and oddball bits – which they affectionately refer to as their BFFs (Best Friends Forever) by his children who have known them since they were babies – they truly have been together since birth!

Achievements and Honors

David Branham has had a storied career in law enforcement. He spent 49 years with the Detroit Police department before retiring as a sergeant in 2020.

He has extensive experience in law enforcement, including criminal investigations, crime scene investigation and patrol duties. For his outstanding contributions to the community he has earned several prestigious awards.

David loves running in his free time and attending church regularly. A member of Bible Holiness Assembly of God in Neosho, he’s been an active leader in their Overcomers choir since age 8. David enjoys reading a good book and has a deep passion for youth ministry and missions work.

Personal Life

David Branham is an acclaimed English footballer currently with the LA Galaxy. He has previously played for other clubs such as Real Madrid and Chelsea.

He is a well-known celebrity who has appeared on multiple TV shows. His marriage to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham began in 1999 and they have four children together.

He is a father who has struggled with his mental health throughout his career. He has spoken candidly about his OCD issues, and to cope he often builds Lego models as an outlet.

Net Worth

In addition to his religious teachings, Branham was an accomplished author. He penned over 900 books and sold two million copies of his material.

His ministry flourished during the healing revival of the 1940s and 1950s, making him a favorite among neo-Pentecostals around the world. However, support for him waned as his post-revival doctrines became increasingly unorthodox.

He strongly opposed interracial relationships and connected people of mixed race ancestry to the wicked “hybrid” race of the serpent. His views on race were controversial, leading him to face legal setbacks as well as numerous allegations of fraudulence.

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